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March 30, 2020by Faber Infinite

Due to the current covid crisis and such volatile market conditions, the Pharmaceuticals and Life sciences industry is under great pressure to align the supply of their products with the market demand. Since India is 90% dependent for most antibiotics and API’s on China, pharmaceutical organizations of India face the likelihood of disturbances because of extended factory closures in China. 

In such a scenario, where Indian pharma manufacturers are supposed to work harder to meet the demands of the market on time, manufacturers would need to improve the productivity of overall organization including man and machine. 

Manufacturers might think of deploying more man and machines and might demand overtime from existing employees. Team Faber Infinite can assist organizations to achieve the desired outcome even without incurring additional expenses.

Team Faber has been delivering phenomenal results across 8 countries in order to help pharmaceutical organizations achieve operational excellence

Glimpses of Benefits Delivered at various pharma & life sciences clients
  • Manpower productivity was improved by more than 40% after the involvement of Team Faber
  • Inventory Turnover Ratio was improved from ~6 turns to ~15 turns
  • An increase of 27% and 53% were seen in two vials production units respectively
  • Inventory 25% reduction in inventory Carrying costs delivered
  • Team Faber helped companies achieve an improvement in annual sales by KSh 100 Million via releasing hidden production capacity.
  • Team Faber helped various companies explore their hidden capabilities and helped in releasing these production hours at packing lines
  • Reduction in standard deviation in the production time of Powder Enzymes by 62% was achieved with Team Faber’s tools and techniques that were deployed at the client sites.
  • Zero Batch Rejection after the Implementation of DMAIC methodology
Typical improvement areas
  • Throughput / Output improvement at production line by Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Inventory Management
  • Yield Improvement
  • Batch size optimization through Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Production Planning
  • Loss-Reduction through continual improvement Initiatives
  • Daily Work Management to sustain improvements
  • Manpower Productivity Improvement
  • Releasing hidden capacity by Change Over Time Reduction
  • Improvement in QA/ QC processes

Team Faber has been crafting growth opportunities in pharmaceutical and life science domains. Organizational Transformation Framework© by Faber Infinite can also assist your teams to craft growth opportunities for organizations as well in times of crisis. Contact us to join the league at [email protected]

Ready to seize the opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry? Don’t miss out on this chance to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape. Fill out the form below to access exclusive insights and strategies for creating new opportunities. Take charge of your success in the pharmaceutical industry today!

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri and Faber Priyal

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