Positivity of Change: Captain sets the perfect example

We just witnessed another excellent victory by Team India against Australia. People and Media cannot stop praising the team and the captain –Virat Kohli for showcasing such an awesome performance. Yes, it’s a teamwork and team’s victory. This cannot deny the fact that there is a capable, successful captain who is leading the team towards the path of success.

Now, this is the time for people to think and accept him as the captain. This is the answer to all those folks out there who considered Virat Kohli incompetent to lead the team. It’s not just Kohli’s temper issues and the past controversies associated to his anger that led people to think so but it’s also the reluctance among the people to accept that change from M.S. Dhoni to Kohli as the captain of Indian cricket team. We all were so habituated seeing Dhoni leading the team with his cool attitude and strategy leading the team to succeed, that we were not able to accept this sudden change from ‘Captain Cool’ to a so presumed ‘Aggressive Captain.’ It’s not just about Kohli or Dhoni but it’s more about human tendency to avoid change. This is not an unusual thing but a very usual, ordinary nature of human beings to avoid change, step out of the comfort zone and accept the new things.

This attribute either goes unnoticed or if noticed it’s avoided intentionally. Changes are sure to happen and we need to welcome and accept those changes to make lives better. Below are few points which need to be considered while we encounter change anytime in life:

  • Changes are inevitable and bound to happen: We cannot sit back expecting the things to be the same lifelong. We need to understand that changes are inevitable and are bound to happen. People usually find it difficult to cope up with the new changes and let go of the current things and habits. For instance: Dhoni cannot be the captain of the team for all his life. One day or the other he would have passed on this responsibility to the other person. So, it is essential for us to welcome the changes open heatedly.

  • Changes are not always bad: Majority of the people fall in the category who believe that changes are bad. But they fail to understand that this is just a misconception due to people’s averseness to accept change. The transition can be smooth as well. Changes are not harsh always. For Instance: The change of captain- from Dhoni to Kohli was not easy for the cricket fans to accept but Kohli is time and again proving himself to be a capable captain in his own style. So, embrace the changes, ignoring them is not the solution. As always said, believe that ‘Change is always for the better.’

  • Believe in the positivity of change: Instead of focusing only on the problems associated with change learn to look at the more positive things associated with it. Changes can do wonders, but the problem arises when it is unrecognized, when we become unwelcoming. For Instance: Virat Kohli has proved to be a great captain, depicting his own set of skills and style. He might be aggressive but his infield aggression is leading the players to perform better and win. We just need to believe in the goodness associated with the changes instead of mocking over, trying to hold on what needs to be changed.

During an interview Virat Kohli said, “I will never change myself for anyone or because anyone wants me to change. It is just these small things that I need to improve on, but that instinct of being aggressive as a captain will remain.” Indeed he doesn’t need to change for anything as he has already won many hearts with his own, unique style and mix of aggression, passion and confidence showing that changes are inevitable and for good.

Written By: Faber Ramya Pillai

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