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February 7, 2017by Faber Infinite0

Welcome to the first Tuesday of February, 2017. The first month of 2017 has already passed by and we are now in the second month, busy with our old and new tasks- reviewing the old ones and completing the new ones. But, before the days and months further pass by let’s have a look at our New Year Resolutions, achieved and unachieved both personal and professional. Some of them might have been followed or being followed while others might be kept untouched, procrastinated.

Majority of the times we fail to follow them. So let’s gear up and get back again to the right track, follow the resolutions to achieve success personally and professionally with the help of the below pointers.

  • Find out the Reason of unattainment of goals: The first step would be a self-introspection to find out what went wrong and the reason for unattained goals. Also, introspect why the goal was set or resolution made, in the first place. Try to find out the basic reason of setting the target. It would help realize the importance and would help to plan accordingly. When you set a goal and are driven by an authentic reason that you want to accomplish it, that combination can keep you doing the things you need to do for success

  • Make the steps smaller and attainable: We time and again set goals which would be difficult to achieve, which might look too overwhelming to achieve. This causes a tendency to ignore the same or procrastinate it. The goals set must be smaller, easy to achieve. Goals must be realistic. This makes it look more practical and achievable. It does not mean that every goal should be set considering one’s comfort zone. Success does not come easily and we need to step out of the comfort zone to achieve it.

  • Make considerable time: One of the most important things is to prioritize your targets. Make time to accomplish your goals. Time is of utmost importance without which goals cannot be achieved easily. Proper allocation of time enables to prioritize the tasks adding to the productivity.

  • Find yourself a coach: A coach does not necessarily mean a tutor or a strict trainer. Here, it refers to a friend, a mentor, a counselor or any such person who can analyze the problems, support you and can help you find the solution. A person to whom you can be accountable and will show you the correct track when you divert from the way to your goal.

  • Allocate Resources and celebrate success: The last but not the least step would be to allocate the needful resources. Proper allocation of resources for achieving the goals is a must. It cannot happen overnight. We need to understand the gaps and the requirements wherein we need to fill in with the appropriate resources. Following all these steps takes us closer to the goals. Now, it’s time to celebrate the success.

We all often forget to follow or keep procrastinating the tasks. This is not something very usual. But the problem occurs when it goes unnoticed and unrealized. So let’s make the Resolutions which can be followed and if missed out let’s be ready with the countermeasures.

Written By Faber Ramya Pillai

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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