Resolve conflicts and build trust to have strong leadership teams

September 25, 2018by Faber Infinite0

The global business environment is constantly changing and it has now become essential for the companies to anticipate it and bring the required changes in their work and culture in order to remain competitive and profitable. Leadership teams play a very crucial role in keeping the company productive and it is very important for any organization to have efficient and intellectual leadership teams. To build profound teams, it is important that the organizations pay special attention to trust and conflict resolution and align them around the mutual goals to gain the maximum benefits.

Trust and Vulnerability

In any organization, it is usually found that every team performs in a different manner and comes with varying outputs. In a research conducted by a group of psychologists, it was found that the reason behind this varying success of teams is largely dependent on how stronger the bond is between the team members and how they treat each other. In simple terms, teams that had members who trusted each other based on their vulnerability were found to be more successful than the others. It is important for any organization to culture the sense of comfort among the team members while being vulnerable with each other.

Below are the three factors that can help the organization in building trust among the team members –

  1. Communication methodology and style
  2. Individual histories
  3. Work methodology and culture

Healthy conflicts and their benefits

Many a times, organizations feel very uneasy just by the thought of conflicts. Obviously, one can’t eliminate conflicts from the workspace entirely but can make use of the healthy conflicts that arise the in the working processes of any organization. Disagreements are bound to arise in a team since every human being thinks in a different manner and has its own perspective. Such conflicts can help the organizations in developing new ideas and concepts and in full-proofing their working environment. Although, one should be able to differentiate between disagreements and personal attacks and it should be avoided at all costs.

Healthy conflicts should also need to be resolved quickly in order to have a smooth flow of work in progress and also to enable a better communication between the team members that will ultimately benefit the organization and will improve its productivity and profitability.

Leadership teams play a very important role in garnering the organizational development and executing the transformation journey. Resolving conflicts and building trust are the two most important keys in optimizing the working culture of an organization and subsequently have a profound leadership team. It will also help you in increasing the engagement at the workplace and building a positive and enriching environment at the same time.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri. 

by Faber Infinite

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