Safety – the most underrated segment of any process

February 19, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Air travel has been one of the safest means of transport in the modern world and has brought the world a lot closer. Safety of passengers and staff has been one of the major concerns for the airlines. To concreter the safety of air transport, several rules and regulations have been established in a place to keep things in order. The airlines also follow high sigma levels to ensure that wheels land on runways every time after they take off.

However, recently an airline mishap was avoided in Mumbai skies when two flights of Air India and Vistara breached the minimum distance limit between two aircraft and came as close as 100 feet vertically. The misadventure was avoided by the efficiency of the pilots.

This is not the first time when an ‘airprox’ situation emerged in the skies. But the shocking fact that is the previous one was reported in a mere time span of 15 days and in the same state, Maharashtra. Earlier, another ‘near miss’ was avoided a couple of days after Republic Day when an IndiGo and Emirates Boeing 777 came dangerously close to each other above Nagpur.

The above incidents teach us a very important lesson to report the ‘near misses’ and reinforce the value of safety in any process. Reporting near misses is an extremely important thing that needs to be done on a regular basis to create a database that might be used in future to avoid the misadventures. Identifying and analyzing the near misses and the reasons for their occurrence is the key stratum to help the company/organization build a solid foundation – a platform that flourishes. Being proactive is a basic quality that drives the train out of the darkness of the scrapes and reporting near misses is nothing but displaying the proactivity to reduce the risks that can potentially harm the implementation of processes.

The concept of 300:29:1

Herbert William Heinrich explained the concept of 300:29:1 which exemplifies the safety norms and talks about the unsafe behaviors that might lead to mishaps as a result of ‘near misses’. He explained the workplace accidents and those unsafe behavioral displays that for everyone fatal accident there 29 minor accidents and 300 near misses. The main motive behind presenting this hypothesis was to make the people understand that one cannot directly avoid all the 29 minor incidents and one serious accident with the same routine being followed every day at the workplace. However, one can work on reducing the number of unsafe behaviors – near misses in order to reduce the number of minor and major accidents.

Safety is one of the integral parts of any process and needs to be on point at every turn to avoid obstacles and bumps. Encompassing safety measures not only improves the workplace environment but also helps in reducing the imposed time burden on the workforce and prevents them from pivoting to any other factor that may result in discrepancies. Moreover, financial benefit is another factor that should motivate the leaders to implement safety measures in the units.

Faber Infinite has been a leading organization in helping the organizations to introduce and embed various safety measures in their sites and processes to avoid the can of worms that might crunch the entire crop of hard work and perseverance in a snap. We have also helped many firms in upgrading their safety controls at their sites and production units which ultimately motivated the workforce to focus entirely on processes thus, improving the yield.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri
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