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Secrets to become an Outstanding Organization

  • By faber
  • February 20, 2018

In today’s era of cut-throat competition, every organization is racing with the other to sideline them in the market. However, many of these companies lack the four basic fundamental qualities that will help them stay in the race. Yeah! It is a race today. Transformation Tuesday has always been about how you can help yourself transform into a better and efficient organization. We will continue the same agenda in this blog as well by addressing those four fundamental traits missing in most companies.

  • Clarity

Clarity is one of the biggest problems in any organization. It revolves around many factors. For example clarity about the vision and the purpose of doing the things and making everyone join vision with the same purpose to ensure that everyone is working to move in the same direction.

Clarity in language is another factor that affects the floor. People should be comfortable in conversing and understanding the information. It is as simple as that.

Another paradigm is clarity about your performance. You might be visioning some extraordinary numbers but getting a clear stand on how are you actually performing is a very crucial aspect of the success of the organization.

In simple terms, it is always beneficial to pay attention to the bright, lit upside than playing in the dark corners.

  • Focus

Focus is another vital factor that plays a key role in an organizations success. It is highly unlikely that all the managerial levels of an organization will have the same priorities and thus has a lot of chances creating conflicts among the organization. Hence, focus on the priorities is an important factor to keep the workflow of the organization uninterrupted.

Focus is all about concentrating on the goals and sticking to the plan unless you have to move a bit to give attention to something else hindering your motive. The key thing about focus is not to multitask and avoid a lot of movements and change of plans.

  • Discipline

Discipline is a very interesting term in today’s era. Many people misunderstand the concept of discipline as being handcuffed and that sticking to the same routine every day will slowly kill their versatility. However, discipline is an entirely different concept.

Discipline is more like an approach to problem solving and acumen and making others use the same discipline to practice in their problem-solving analytics. Not everyone is born a problem-solver, but it can be taught through discipline so that the organization can have a consistent method to get a good solution. It also emphasizes on deploying a standard work method to avoid chaos and the hassle of navigating every other day.

  • Engagement

Engagement is a new, modern world lullaby that everyone is talking about. However, engagement is a more fundamental and core value than what is being chirped around the globe. It is more about providing the employees with the skill set and authority to control the environment around them. It gives them the authority to solve problems and master the changes in their own ways.

It motivates the turning around approach and promoting those experts to bring any kind of improvement that they can in their expertise to benefit the organization. Moreover, it also brings the employees out of their shell of disengagement.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri