Simple Tips to start a Week

“I’ll get that done over the weekend.” This one sentence has become a one-size-fits-all solution when we can’t fit in working on a project, answering e-mail, or simply knocking items off our to-do lists during the week.

It shouldn’t be our go-to solution for the work we can’t fit in during the week. To preserve the much-needed break that the weekend offers, try frontloading your week. Since unexpected tasks will always come up, no matter how hard you try to plan your work, you want to fully book your schedule at the beginning of the week so you can leave more open space on your calendar as the week progresses. Ideally half of Friday should be reserved to tie up loose ends. You can also avoid the trap of answering emails on the weekend by blocking out designated times each day to work through your inbox.

And when you commit to doing something fun on the weekend, it’s much easier to set priorities so that you can leave on Friday work-free. Successful people know that great weekends are the secret to workday success.

This Tuesday we would like to share an interesting article which talks on ‘How to Plan Your Week to Keep Your Weekend Free’. Following tips will help you to start your week.

Adapted from “How to Plan Your Week to Keep Your Weekend Free,” by Elizabeth Grace Saunders. You may refer to the article here for further details.

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