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July 31, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Customers are the king in any industry no matter what time of evaluation it is. Customers help one in building businesses and one has to understand that it is the customers that will help the manufacturer in increasing their revenue. However, building business is not just about acquiring customers. The main source of revenue is retaining the existing customer base that will bring repetitive orders for the manufacturer. In this blog for Transformation Tuesday, we will be discussing some of the key customer retention strategies.

  • Heighten the customer experience

It is very important to create peaks in customer experiences in order to build customer loyalty. Keep the customers surprised by giving them rewards they do not expect at regular intervals. Such low cost initiatives go a long way in helping the manufacturer build a strong customer loyalty.

  • Keep testing email strategy with incentives and offers

One should never go out from testing email strategies. Providing the customers with content and product they need is one thing but aligning your emails with content to promote more customer engagement is something that will help you in keeping your customer with you.

  • Make your customers feel appreciated by creating VIP programs

Creating a VIP program to engage customers with you is another formula for customer retention. Making the customers feel appreciated through rewards for their loyalty will motivate them to keep coming back to you for your service.

  • Walk hand in hand with your customers

Keeping up with the customers is the biggest challenge and the most important aspect of customer retention. One should always walk with the customers, understand their demands, and ultimately provide the desired service or product for retaining that customer with him.

  • Never lose your passion and be engaged at all times

Passion towards what you do can create wonders. You should be very passionate towards what you do and provide your customers. While trying to engage your customers, you should also be engaged to your work towards providing best service to your customers.

  • Ingrain limited time promotion programs

You might have seen various companies offering limited time promotions to their customers. Ever wondered why?

It is to motivate more customers to avail their services as per their needs and requirement.

Well, I guess you got the answer now!

  • Promote and practice transparency

Transparency builds trust and it is very important for one to build trust and transparent relations with their customers. When there will be trust, it is very obvious that your customer will prefer you over the competition for their needs and services.

  • Promise what you can fulfill

Inability to provide what you promised is one of the biggest retention killers in today’s industrial world. Promising what you cannot fulfill to your customers will only result in killing their trust and your credibility in the market. Hence, always promise only what you can fulfill and for doing so, it is very important to know your limitations and abilities.

  • Create loyal customers around your product

You should know that new people do not connect directly to your product. They first connect to the community built around that product and then come to you. Hence building a loyal customer base around your product can help you in making the customers feel that while buying the product, they are entering in a community of people who share the same interests.

  • Make social shares more rewarding

Many customers are potential buyers who will come again to you to buy another round by understanding or sensing a sense of importance or urgency of your products and services. You can concrete these relations through various social sharing competitions by featuring customer photos and rewarding them. It is a unique and very innovative idea to connect with the customers and ultimately retain them.

So as Steve Jobs said – “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

by Faber Infinite

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