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Why resist change

  • By faber
  • July 30, 2018

Change is the only constant. It is an inevitable phase that has the potential to either create or diminish one’s influence or prominence in the market.

Organizational Change Management is one of the key aspects that can help the organizations in circling around and captivating their long-term and desired goals and objectives.

It is noted that more than 95% of the organizational change management programs end up being a failure and does not create much of an impact on the organization’s work culture, productivity or profitability.

There are many other inefficiencies as well which intricate the organization’s change management programs if they are not looked after well and executed in an innovative manner.

As we stand on the important juncture of the year, we are glad to release the white paper on ‘Why Resist Change?’ and about the various challenges and resistances which hamper the development and growth of many organizations indulged in change management programs.

Team Faber Infinite has been one of the most prominent runners in crafting development and excellence through the means of organizational change management programs. We believe in ingraining a fruitful and innovative work culture in the organization and ultimately help them in thrusting their numbers and figures. With immense experience in various industries in the domain of Change Management, the white paper highlights key elements of Organizational Change Management, challenges and ways to overcome them.

Please click here to download the insightful whitepaper.
Organizational Change Management

Recently, Faber Infinite Consulting rolled out the white paper on Organizational Change Management: Why Resist Change. Mr. Aakash Borse, one of the founding members and directors of Faber Infinite Consulting shared his views with the audience with organizational change management and its relative concepts. With his immense experience in the domain of Organizational Transformation, Management Consulting and Operational Excellence, the discussion focused on the various forms of resistance that might intrude on an organization’s change management program. To know more, listen to the Webinar on Why Resist Change. Click here to watch the webinar on Organizational Change Management

Written & Compiled By Faber Priyal, Faber Manasi & Faber Kishlay