7 Tips to Be More Productive with Work From Home

July 14, 2020by Faber Infinite

Today all of us are experiencing working in the digital world. There are pros and cons to it. There is a better work-life balance and more flexibility to work. But, working virtually can be challenging at times, especially for those who are not familiar with the technology. In this Transformation Tuesday, we decided to put together some tips on how to effectively structure your day to remain productive and energetic.

Work From Home Tips:
Design a daily work routine

To make it simple, do what you would do in the office. Follow a certain schedule, structure your work and your breaks, create rituals. This will help you stay more focused and keep your energy at a good level.

Stick to your working hours

In the same manner, as you create a daily work schedule, retain your working schedule as much as you can. Work for specific hours per day (preferably office follow office timings – 10 AM TO 6 PM). If there is any change in the plan for some reason, discuss it with your manager beforehand. Keep your team members informed about your working hours so that they can reach out to you. If you be available to them – they will be there for you, too.

Stay online

It is important to stay connected with your team and colleagues. Check your e-mail and messenger messages regularly to attend your team’s requests and questions. Keep your calendar updated and get on-time into the meetings with your camera and mic functioning properly. 

Create a workspace

Have a dedicated room/desk/corner, where you can sit comfortably for work. This will help you concentrate more. Keep all essential items within your reach. If you live with family or roommates, be transparent with them about your expectations during work time, especially when you are in calls/meetings with colleagues, customers, and partners.

Limit distractions

Whether it is scrolling through social media or cooking your lunch, it is better to bifurcate work from personal duties. This will enable you to retain your focus and dedicate your time to your duties.

Share your thoughts with your manager and team

Working remotely sometimes can lead to the fear of missing out. Remember that your manager and team members are always there to hear your ideas and updates. Ask for their feedback to improve your performance and feel free to openly communicate your concerns with your teammates.

Remember to socialize

Bonding with colleagues is important. Having them around only virtually can become confusing. The good thing is you can still get to know them during 1:1 meetings and calls. Share a laugh whenever you can and socialize. We trust that you know how to balance things.

Get into formals / Official dress code

Try to change into work clothes the same way as you would head to the office. Do change out of your work clothes when you finish work hours every day. It helps to shift your mental state and draw a boundary between work and home. The biggest challenge in working from home is disengaging from work. Changing clothes will help you feel like you are not always working.

I am sure most of us already follow these guidelines, I request you to follow these tips for better and improved productivity during work from home. 

Compiled By Faber Aparna

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