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To gain, let go of some!

  • By faber
  • August 8, 2018

Improvement is the only constant companion for any organization that will help them in achieving their goals and targets and embark on the path towards excellence and success. Many organizations have been constantly changing their work culture and controls and patterns hoping the change will result in improvement in their productivity and profitability. However, to gain such characteristics, you have to let go of some things.

Wonder what?

Below is the answer.

Two ways of improvement!

There are basically two ways through which any organization can improve in their work, productivity and profitability, either by adding good and better controls, systems and processes in their work culture or by deleting the existing inefficiencies. In our previous posts, we have already talked about what to ingrain and integrate in one’s processes to achieve improvement, in this post we would be talking what to delete or let go!

  • MUDA

MUDA is a Japanese term which means uselessness or wastefulness. MUDA is a key process in lean manufacturing process which happens to be the parent process for change management and operational excellence processes. There are basically seven types of wastes MUDA consists of:

  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Waiting
  • Overproduction
  • Over processing
  • Defects

To read more about these inefficiencies in the system you can refer to our blog on 7 Viruses in Your Operational Excellence Quest

  • MURA

MURA is another Japanese term which is very popular in the manufacturing industry when it comes to wastes. It means unevenness or irregularity. Variations in process will ultimately disrupt the consistency of the organization and will also hamper the quality of the services and products the manufacturer provides.

Eliminating MURA from the manufacturing processes is an effective way to increase profitability of the organization. Processes like Just-in-Time system and FIFO are very effective in tackling such wastes in ingraining regularity and evenness. These tools are also designed to maximize the productivity of the organization and minimize the overhead storage.

  • MURI

MURI refers to the physical strain or overburdening of the machines or human labor that might obstacle the company’s improvement journey as a result of irregularity or unevenness in the production processes. One must let go of such pressure from the production floor in order to allow the components as well as the employees to work at their most optimum levels. Various advantages of eliminating MURI from the production processes are as follows –

  • Increase in employee morale and energy
  • Improved quality
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduced and minimized costs

It is very important for any organization to eliminate the wastes manifesting the process in order to avoid redundancy and errors in it production processes and ultimately achieving excellence. It is not necessary that improvement can only be achieved by adding various tools and techniques into the production processes. Sometimes, the best way to achieve continual and sustainable development is to let go of the infecting inefficiencies and wastefulness.