To Improve Teams, Work on Self First

September 22, 2020by Faber Infinite

Teams are a complicated system of members with diverse skill sets, experiences, viewpoints, behaviors, and tendencies. Both the team members and leaders should work together to make this complex system meaningful and sustainable. This is possible only when both the leader and the team members work together on three fundamental parameters:

Inner Self-Awareness

Leaders should understand their own emotions, opinions, and values. If they do not understand their own feelings and emotions, it is less likely that they would understand the team member’s feelings and emotions. Leaders should check what they are assuming about the team member. They should check on facts and clarifications. Leaders should pause and reflect. Leaders should not be impulsive to rush into a conclusion. Leaders should learn a lot about themselves. This will help them to understand the team better.

Outer Self-Awareness

Leaders need to understand how their words and actions affect others in the team. Most of the time leaders and team members are not aware of how their behavior impacts the team. As a result, it is difficult for leaders to identify and use their strengths that will make them more productive and profitable. Leaders should also keep an eye on the behavior that has a negative impact on the team. One way to build outer awareness is by starting to observe team members’ reactions and gestures during team discussions. Another way is to ask the team members for their feedback like:

  • How is the leader helpful?
  • What is the leader doing is not helpful?
  • If there is anyone thing that you want me to change as a leader on high priority?

This can be one of the ways. Other can be by getting one on one feedback from the team members.

Be Accountable Leaders

Successful leaders do not hold others accountable.  They hold themselves accountable. This sounds simple but it is not. When faced with a challenge or discomfort, many of us have this habit of blaming others, or defending ourselves or just avoiding the discomfort altogether. But a leader as well as the team member should be highly accountable for their work. They should take personal responsibility to solve the issue or problem. They should not leave the problem unless it is solved. A small change in the mindset will have a significant positive impact on the entire team.

Work together as a team to build and strengthen the above mentioned three capabilities. Form these new habits to be effective teams. Invest time and energy needed to build these foundation skills so they can be better at tackling business opportunities and challenges.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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