Empowering the Forging Industry

Employees are the backbone of any organization and it is the employees that take the organization forward and contribute in its development and growth. Forging industry is one of the growing industries in the 21st century and has shown immense potential and opportunities for growth and development. In an industry such as forging industry, it is very important for the organizations to have trained and skilled employees in order to maximize their productivity, profitability and competence.

Team Faber Infinite Consulting recently has been invited by one of our clients, who happens to be one of the leaders in the forging industry, for building competitiveness. The idea of the engagement is to build “Operational Excellence for Business Excellence” by strengthening key leaders of various functions including the President of the organization. Below are some of the glimpses of the workshop.

Objective of the workshop

  • To create awareness among the employees regarding Business Excellence
  • To make the employees aware about how to enhance profit using operational excellence
  • To make the participants of the workshop aware of the different tools and techniques of operational excellence.

The workshop enlightened the participants about the various aspects of the Operational Excellence and shed light on various techniques that will ultimately add value to the business of the organization. It also made the audience aware of how Operational Excellence is the need of the hour and can change the course of the journey of the organization.

Team Faber Infinite Consulting inputs has been appreciated by the entire batch and the participants felt extremely confident and motivated for Operational Excellence, its tools and techniques and related aspects. President of the organization along with the team was delighted by the outcome of the workshop. In his words, “I should thank you for very nice presentation in such a short, simple and clear manner. I have undergone many pieces of training workshops but your way of presenting the content was EXCELLENT!”

Modern times have changed and so has the need for the tools and techniques that will assist the organizations in achieving their goals and targets. In such situations, it is very important for the organizations to train their employees in order to imbibe in them the required skill set needed to excel in their work and fields. Team Faber Infinite Consulting has helped many organizations across industries by training more than 50,000 people. We are constantly devoted to help organizations achieve and sustain continual development. For more information, contact us at consulting@faberinfinite.com

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