Uncertainty Can’t Ruin Your Certain Business Growth

Businesses and Organizations often face uncertainty. Uncertainty could be in terms of government policies, political turmoil, financial crisis or any such random situations. Every organization, big or small is bound to face some uncertain situations from time to time. The organizations may not be actually ready to face those uncertainties every time. This could lead to tension and build up the pressure in the organization among individuals.

As it is difficult to ascertain the outcome of the uncertain circumstances, it would be difficult to determine the mood in the organization. One could witness a variety of moods from anxiety, frustration, distress to anguish and irritation, varying from person to person. Uncertainties are sure to happen but being a manager how can you help your employees deal with the ambiguity and insecurity. It is very important to deal with these problems oneself and also to help employees deal with the same. In the absence of support and guidance those problems could lead to un-productiveness and stress. Here are few pointers which the managers, mentors, leaders could refer to, if wish to adopt to cope up with all those problems.

  • Care for ‘You’:

Before you empathize and create a ‘feel good’ factors for others, firstly create a care for your attitude. Take care of yourself before you take care of someone else. You cannot help others until you help yourselves. Try to understand the new problem, analyze it, try to come up with a practical, feasible plan that can be used as a remedial plan to overcome the wound of business uncertainties. Once you cope up with the same you can help others to deal with those problems.

  • Understand what employees need:

Try and understand what your employees need by having a one- on-one conversation with them. This would help them to look at the problem with an open mindset. Also, they would build a sense of trust for you, as the leaders who are actually concerned and trying to understand their needs. This would ultimately lead to a reduction in distractions, anxiety, stress thus making them more confident and assured.

  • Address and Encourage:

The employees might end up feeling stressed out, wondering how are you able to deal with the new and upcoming changes. This is the right time to help them open up, address their issues and make them feel normal. Make them feel that it is a part and parcel of the day to day business activities and you have also been through the same. This would help them to feel normal and calm. Also, never forget to encourage them for their capability in handling the situation smoothly.

  • Approve Flexibility of Work:

Once you understand, analyze, address and encourage the problems of your employees, let them be flexible in their work and working patterns. This would enable them to be relatively relaxed alongside completion of the tasks and coping up with the newly popped up uncertain circumstances. Just align them to the organizational goals and remind them that the work expectations remain the same.

The uncertainties would vary from organization to organization. The onus lies on the managers to guide his/her team to achieve the goals along with preparing them to face the unforeseen challenges.

Written By Ramya Pillai

by Faber Infinite

Faber Infinite is an International Business Management Consulting Organization offering consulting solutions and services for Increase Profitability in Business.

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