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  • By faber
  • May 30, 2018

Transformation initiative of an organization defines the progress and development organization will witness as they move through the transformation journey. It will not be wrong to say that transformation initiatives are the key and one of the most vital influencers on which the business depends to innovate and comply with the increasing competition and customer demands.

Challenges and difficulties are an obvious part of any transformation process. Every industry faces its own set of challenges while going through a transformation phase. Faber Infinite is a global leader in transformation consulting and specializes in helping the companies across industry verticals to tackle their challenges and move ahead on the roads of success and growth. We have a solid reputation to manage organizational change without forgetting the sustainability aspect of change.

As mentioned earlier, every industry faces a whole different spectrum of challenges in their own respective transformation initiatives. However, there are two challenges that remain the same in almost every transformation initiative namely, lack of engagement and sustenance.

  • Lack of engagement – This is one of the basic challenges that need to be tackled in order to implement a successful transformation initiative. Many employees of an organization undergoing change are apprehensive of the change. Though being aware of the fact that transformation initiatives are going to help improve the processes employees are reluctant to change. This apprehension amongst the employees about their future and their roles is the biggest hindrance to employee engagement. Team Faber has been actively steering many transformation initiatives and has been supporting clients to successfully implement and go through the transformation initiatives across 8 countries with approximately 100 clients in more than 50 different industries. Throughout these transformation initiatives, we have collaborated with more than 1000 teams and have helped over a million people to go through the transformation processes and embrace the change.
  • Sustenance – Sustaining the transformation in the organization is another common problem which troubles the organization to the core. Faber Infinite has helped a number of companies in this aspect of transformation initiative. With the help of Team Faber and its services, one of the largest engineering companies in India managed to save around INR 32 million in the first year of the transformation initiative. The same internal team continued to work and sustain the developments and increased the savings to a total of INR 87 million in the second year.

Key differentiators of Faber Infinite

  • A global leader in organizational transformation consulting
  • A record of producing minimum 10 times return on investments
  • A result driven team of change management experts
  • Modules and methodology which have proved their effectiveness in various industries
  • Commit stakes with success linked fees

Results delivered through Transformation by Team Faber in various industries

  • 44% improvement in Manpower Productivity along with 37% improvement in Production throughput time at one of the world’s largest Cryogenic Tank manufacturer. The client also witnessed an increase in monthly revenue by INR 17 million with the same infrastructure in place.

  • Team Faber helped a client in Tea processing industry of East Africa to improve its On Time In Full (OTIF) by more than 171%. A 56% improvement in inventory and 121% improvement in production were also witnessed at the client site. The client managed to improve its annual turnover by USD 1.2 million with the same infrastructure after Faber Infinite’s involvement.

  • We helped a client from Textile machinery manufacturing industry to improve its manpower productivity and unit production per day by more than 167%. The client also saw an improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by more than 26% as a result of Faber Infinite’s services.

  • We have worked with a client in the logistics industry in improving the vehicle availability by more than 22.5%. The annual turnover also increased by more than 6.3 million KSH.

  • We have worked with Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) and woven sack sector and helped in reducing wastage in the plant by more than 31% which helped the company in saving around INR 1.2 crore. The manpower cost was also reduced by 28%.

There are many more case studies to share. This is just a glimpse of the results delivered at few of our esteemed clients. We have a broad experience in the vast range of industries and geographies and we ensure that we understand the needs of client’s business.

Team Faber Infinite along with the client team moves through the transformation initiative from organization’s goals and principles down to smallest of the nuts and bolts to provide the maximum output. There are boundless opportunities and vast challenges in the initiative of transformation and Team Faber is confident to support in discovering the opportunities, crafting the systemic solutions and polishing the method of locking the gains.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri