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January 30, 2018by Faber Infinite0

“Vidarbha keeps tryst with destiny. Wins their first ever Ranji Trophy!”

In a history of 61 years, Vidarbha Cricket team has finally achieved the ultimate goal they have been working on for so many years. Vidarbha waited for more than six decades to win the Ranji trophy. However, this achievement did not come easily. The team underwent a rigorous routine of transformation to reach here. The same is needed in today’s corporate world as well – a disciplined and effective transformation to reach the desired goals.

Wait, but what made Vidarbha the champion side they could not be in the last six decades? Let’s have a look.

  • Leadership

The 15-men team was led by Faiz Fazal who is one of the most underrated players in the Ranji Trophy. He was never looked upon as an international talent despite having a very rich and favourable numbers in the sack. Although, he never let these factors create an impact on his game and ticked all the boxes when it came to winning games and was also the lead run scorer for the team.

This shows that a capable, clever and calm-minded leadership plays a crucial role in leading the task and the team to success.

  • Old War Horse

Who could have a thought that a 39-year old player who was forced to leave his home team to continue his career would be a part of a champion side at the end of the season?

Wasim Jaffar, who holds the record for most runs in first-class Indian cricket, was left out of his home team Mumbai. It is a very noteworthy fact that Wasim played 8 Ranji finals for Mumbai and won all 8 of them, playing a crucial role in all the matches. He subsequently had no option other than joining Vidarbha to keep doing what he likes – playing cricket and winning finals.

Experience played a very important role in Vidarbha’s victory and guided them through tough times when the team was in trouble. It is always the sheer determination that encourages and motivates the team to work towards their goal and achieve it.

  • Responsibilities on young and capable shoulders

In absence of front-line bowlers, the young Rajneesh Gurbani took the charge in his own hands and led the bowling attack of the team from the front. He played a crucial role in leading the team against the rivals and performed exceptionally well against them.

Young shoulders have the energy and the gist to keep going and grudging with the obstacles until they are tackled. Such kind of energy and perseverance can fill the souls of the team with motivation and optimism.

  • Coaching and Transformation

The last and the most important name that comes up in this historic win of Vidarbha Cricket team is Chandrakant Pandit, the lodestar who guided the ship to its course, facing storms and bouncers. It was Pandit, who outlined the sketch of Vidarbha’s victory by designing a strict and disciplined routine for training hours. He even set up various committees to look after the other various activities of the team ranging from entertainment to travel to food to encourage the bonding between the team members and increase their trust on each other in the entire season. Simple stuff really works.

The way Pandit rallied his boys to victory is an exceptional example of how training can bring a great degree of transformation that can change the entire course of your journey as well as your graphs and pie charts.

The victory of Vidarbha is an outstanding and amazing lesson to all of us who are working towards transformation to achieve the desired numbers. Every team member needs to understand its role and responsibility and work towards the common goal with a clear mind and sheer focus. Moreover, the team should believe in themselves and should be determined to achieve their goal, no matter what obstructs their way. Furthermore, the strict routine and discipline must be followed to step towards excellence.

In order to achieve the ultimate, even a slight pivoting against the road can entirely change the roads of your journey.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay Krishna & Faber Aditya Gupta

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by Faber Infinite

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