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Yes, Five S can deliver top line benefits as well

  • By faber
  • October 17, 2018

The market in the present era is evolving at a very rapid pace and thus demands revolutionary and effective methodologies to be implemented at the workplace to gain maximum output and garner optimum results. Even though fundamental in nature, Five S methodology is one such practice that immensely helps the organization in creating a better functionality program at the workplace.

The focus of Five S is to make workplace effective, efficient and safe. The idea is to make the workplace clean, standardized and the system is driven so that it becomes easier for the employees to focus on their job without wasting time. It is a very strong and impactful tool.

Faber Infinite’s Five S Consultants has delivered exponential results at various client sites via Five S implementation.

At one of the client sites, Team Faber Infinite undertook Five S rollout, which happens to be a renowned name in the eco-friendly packaging industry with presence all over Africa. The client serves to the packaging needs of various industrial sectors like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, edible oil, lubricating oil, food and beverages, agro and industrial chemicals and detergents, paints, etc.

With the implementation of the Five S methodology by Team Faber, the client witnessed various results that helped them in standardizing and improving the processes and systems leading to efficiency improvement. Since the standard processes produced standard products, robust standardization initiative led the client to secure large consignment from one of the FMCG majors.

The client attributes this development to all the processes and systems due to Five S implementation.

Some tangible benefits delivered by Team Faber Infinite via Five S and transformation rollout:

  1. Team Faber Infinite helped organizations in streamlining and standardizing business processes by using Five S methodology at client sites
  2. Clients witnessed an improvement in yield and reduction in throughout time
  3. With team Faber’s contribution, Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of equipment increased from 25 to 73%
  4. The rejection rate of consignments was reduced by more than 50%
  5. The labor productivity at the client sites was improved by around 40%
  6. The client also reduced the recurring breakdowns from 15 to 1%
  7. Inventory optimization and improvement in on-time and complete shipments was achieved
  8. Increased access to data by the leadership in order to make more precise, quick and effective decision making
  9. Five S methodology also helped the organizations in improving workflows, thus ensuring that the required information is sent to the right people at right time.

Team Faber Infinite has always supported structured methodologies and has implemented them to help the clients achieve the most optimized and beneficial results. Five S methodology is one such tool that can do wonders for the clients if implemented properly in an efficient manner.  For more information, contact us at [email protected]

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.