7 Steps to Balance work load for Organizational growth

October 16, 2018by Faber Infinite0

In today’s world, every other organization wants to be the best and make constant efforts to be one. However, many a time in this run, the leadership of the organization fails to align themselves and their new strategies and initiatives with the existing ones which ultimately results in creating an unnecessary burden on the middle and lower levels of the organization. This ends up having a very adverse impact on the working as well as the productivity of the organization. The leadership should work towards making the most of the human potential and should make the processes very clinical and free of overload as it has a direct impact on the organization. In this blog of Transformation Tuesday, we have identified the seven root causes that cause piling of initiatives and overload the manpower.

  1. Lack or inability to measure

Many organizations and their leadership find it very difficult to manage the initiatives and lack the ability to measure the amount of work that gets put on the shoulders of the managers and executives as a result of piling of the initiatives. This lack of realization thus plays a major part in the piling of initiatives.

  1. Limited access to other groups and teams

Sometimes, the executives and managers are able to see the impacts of the initiatives on their teams only and fail to evaluate or anticipate the impacts the newly integrated initiatives will have on the other teams and their members. This is also is a key factor that causes an overload of initiatives and the consequent work on the employees of the organization.

  1. Politics

Politics is present in every organization and such political logrolling consequently ends up in a pile of promises that needs to be fulfilled by the executives and their teams. This again increases the amount of work on the team members and ultimately impacts their concentration and productivity.

  1. Half-implemented strategies due to lack of funds

There are many strategies that get implemented in the organization to achieve some targets or goals without the leadership providing them enough funds and resources. This consequently creates strategic differences and the structure then lacks the support to do the critical work. It can also create situation of conflicts among the teams and their members in the organization.

  1. Temporary fix initiatives

Many a time, we look on a short-term remedy for a problem and thus initiate a temporary fix initiative in the organization which then continues for an unknown period of time because of recurrence of the problem. This happens because any problem will be solved only if its root cause is treated. Such temporary fix initiatives ultimately add up work for the employees to do.

  1. Cutting off the human labour

Organizations get rid of manpower for cutting up their costs and in hopes of creating a balanced team. However, this process of getting rid of people without reducing the overall work of the team ultimately comes on the shoulders of the remaining team members. This further burdens them and pivots their concentration.

  1. Unwillingness to stop existing initiatives

The seventh and the last reason is the unwillingness of the companies to stop the existing initiatives when introducing the new ones. This can happen as a result of lack of resources or unawareness. This causes piling up of the initiatives in the organization and creates overload on the shoulders of the employees.

Things that do not work!

Realizing that there is an overload of the initiatives in the organization is one thing but working towards reducing it is other. Below are some of the steps taken by the organization that does not work in reducing the overload. Instead, they make it worse.

  1. Making priorities by choosing functions or departments
  2. Not making cuts and imposing another priority list
  3. Making cuts at places where it is not necessary

It is very important for the organizations to cut down their piling initiatives to have a smoother and productive unit that provides the optimum results to the organization. Leadership needs to understand that burdening up the employees won’t do them any good and will only add inefficiency in the processes and work culture. Initiatives are good for the organization only to the limit where it is aligned with the work culture of the organization and does not hamper the daily work processes of the employees.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.

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