3 Key Lessons that you can Learn from leaders

August 9, 2022by Faber Infinite

Nations across the globe gain independence from colonizers after a long haul of fighting put forth by the native peoples led by powerful leaders. These leaders dedicated their lives to the freedom of their country with the resources available during the era where no Facebook or WhatsApp originated. Yet, the strong commitment and strategic moves led their actions towards the goal set by each of the visionary leaders.

They were not driven by term sheets and profit-loss calculations, but by a fierce love and devotion for our motherland. It’s time to draw inspiration from these leaders who persisted in working towards their goal in spite of numerous setbacks, as they can teach today’s leaders who are juggling a sizable workforce with management challenges, most importantly, when it comes to change management.

Three key lessons in leadership that our freedom fighters can teach us are:

1. Be prepared:

success takes a long haul: Did our freedom fighters realize how long it would take them to achieve independence? The fight that began was taken over by thousands and millions of individuals with a passion for building a liberal country. They ignited change slowly and gradually, taking the time to make every single person realise what exactly they were fighting for.

Each leader of today must recognize that change is not a one-time event but rather a mindset that must be developed with clear goals and ambitions that are deserving of actions to achieve them. As a result, leaders must develop their teams through more activities that add value and help the team members understand that their task is to work towards clear goals that will contribute towards the growth of both their personal and professional lives.

2. The key word is ‘communication’:

When there were few communication options during the independence era, our visionary leaders came up with creative ways to connect with one another. Strong communication strategies by the freedom fighters, such as secret codes, handwritten letters, patriotic songs and slogans, etc., fueled the movement for independence and ultimately helped them succeed in their strategies.

Similarly, when management leaders devise tools for change management, they must execute a smooth flow of ideas with effective communication. It may start with a strong one-on-one discussion, team meetings, or even a potrayal of emotions towards achieving a common goal.

3. Bravery is determination:

Nobody can deny the fortitude of the freedom fighters who gave everything—even their lives—for the advancement of their countries. Freedom fighters’ belief systems and actions were based on determination, perseverance, and goal-setting.

When change management leaders begin to implement their own change strategies, the odds are not in their favor. Any change management model’s default state is

failure if it is not implemented with steadfast commitment and resolve. Determination is bravery, whether it be used in the struggle for freedom or the launch of a new, changed system.


Written & Compiled by Faber Aleena

Image source- www.freepik.com

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