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4 Steps to Solve Tough Chronic Problems

  • By faber
  • March 3, 2018

This approach is a problem solving technique which leads the team to the core issue of the problem and determines a precise and particular way to get it off the road and prevent its recurrence. This approach is an exceptional way of adding quality and reliability to the products, if there are any defects. This methodology has now become very popular in the market among the manufacturers because of its ease in approach, reliability and effectiveness.

It is a team-oriented problem-solving approach which facilitates the organization in solving critical issues that hinder the footsteps of the company in achieving excellence.

Why apply this approach?

The approach offers a very consistent and easy-to-learn approach that subsequently assists in solving the problems that might arise in any part of the manufacturing process. Moreover, it assists the familiarity with the structure of problem-solving and improves the understanding of basic statistical tools for problem-solving processes. It also increases the communication and trust among the team and enhances the co-operative behavior in the team.

How to apply this approach?

When it comes to implementation, many people will have this question banging the doors of their heads. Below is the list of 4 steps to solve chronic problems.

  • Problem definition

Initially, focus on defining the entire problem and attaining the data to for future comparisons and analysis. An adequate definition of a problem itself is equal to half of the solution of the problem. It helps the team in understanding the nature of the problem, both internally as well as externally.

  •  Temporary countermeasure

Temporary countermeasure or Interim containment action is a correction plan implemented on a temporary basis to protect the interests of the customer before it gets too late. The countermeasures are the systematic search and the process of fencing the core from suspected and non-conforming products and processes throughout the supply and delivery chain. This problem-solving methodology is used to report/track holds and containments in action.

Temporary containment is more than just getting the products safe. It also assists in sorting, layered inspection or rework that helps in creating a detailed outline of the possible systems and controls which might have gone south. Moreover, the temporary counter measure has to last until a permanent action plan is implemented in place.

  • Permanent counter measure

It is always necessary that we maintain the gain. A permanent corrective action has to address the root cause of the problem and should be able to clear it at any cost. Moreover, for a successful implementation and validation of a permanent counter measure, a whole lot of precise planning is required. To follow up, a suitable candidate for Quality Manager should be picked up with interests in the project who was not a part of it during implementation and validation of the entire counter measure.

  • Recognize the team and celebrate

Every team requires motivation and encouragement to boost their confidence Recognize the team and celebrate and morale that ultimately helps them in working more efficiently and effectively. After a successful implementation, it is the job of the management to provide a feedback for satisfactory closure of the team. Also, recognizing the team for its achievements and rewarding them for their work will only push them and other members to work more and work hard, which will sooner or later help the organization in garnering their interests.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri