The Key to Productivity – Work Smarter not Harder!

March 5, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Productivity has been one of the major concerns for manufacturers all across the globe. Countries all across the globe claim to be the best in one thing or another, be it Germany and their cars, Japan and their electronics or United States of America and their technology. It is completely agreeable that work has a direct correlation with productivity but, the question that arises here is: does more work needs to be done in order to achieve more productivity?

Although, in an analysis of most productive countries like Luxemburg ($68.47 productivity per person per hour), Norway ($52.50 productivity per person per hour) and Switzerland ($50.08 productivity per person per hour), it was found that workers in these countries worked relatively a lower amount of time at work but came up with a higher amount of productivity, which means a relatively higher amount of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita.[Source:]


The 40-hour week rule is definitely overrated and has been criticized over the years by many. This slowly eradicates the work-life balance of the employees rather than preserving it. Unorganized work hours are another reason why productivity takes a dip on the charts for many countries. This also forces the employees to take leaves in order to meet their outside commitment and goals or targets.

Lower levels of infrastructural development and lack of access to technology is another major reason why productivity falls down. The absence of proper infrastructure hinders the work processes. Furthermore, the lack of access to technology also slows down the controls and processes.

Work Smarter, not harder!

The prejudice of working longer for better productivity has slowly started going down the drain. Many might believe in overtimes and long working hours for improved productivity, however, according to a research, working longer may be doing more harm than good to the productivity. It gives air to the already claimed stats that working long hours deteriorates the health of the worker and thus acts as a setback in achieving higher productivity.

Some might even say that long working hours facilitates in value addition and relative processes, but the reality is that many other business skills ranging from communication to decision making are highly impacted by the fatigue and tiredness caused by these excessive hectic working hours. Moreover, this stress and fatigue also increase the chances of errors, accidents and sickness which further incurs additional costs on the employer.

Road ahead

Productivity has always been considered as a vital parameter to calculate the growth and progress of a country. Whether it is a case of reducing the higher working hours for providing the much-needed relaxation period to the employees or providing enough infrastructures as per the market standards, steps must be taken to improve the productivity. Moreover, technology must not be left out here as the advancements in this sector will act as a pillar for the manufacturing sector as well as for any other sector. The opportunities are yet to be explored and in order to achieve excellence; we must start to move around this stratum.

Team Faber has helped clients across industries ranging from complex engineering industry where the client is one of the largest manufacturers of cryogenic tanks to textile machine manufacturing industry to the ceramic manufacturing industry. Faber has helped them with an immense improvement in productivity without incurring any additional cost. The tools and approaches are implemented in such a way that it meets the clients’ needs, giving them the maximum returns on investment. These solutions and concepts are industry neutral and can be deployed in your organization as well.

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Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri
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