7 ways to Lead your Team through Ambiguity

January 7, 2020by Faber Infinite

Dealing with ambiguity is a capability that is quickly pushing its way to the top of the list of pre-requisites of a good and capable employee. It is also considered as an important survival skill down the organizational chart. Acting with less information, adjusting to change, working without any direction, assuming what is possible in an uncertain future – these are skills no longer reserved for senior management.

This is definitely not easy, but during such times it is more important to actually connect at a human level with your employees. You need to build an understanding of what your team is thinking and how the team feels. The team needs to know that you are working in their best interests.

Today, we are going to talk about 7 ways that will help a leader help his team deal with ambiguity.

Understand your own emotional reactions

Begin with you. In times of uncertainty, if you are not performing and leading the team in the best possible capability, then accept and admit it. Discuss your concerns with someone you trust the most. Get your aggression relieving session done in private. In uncertain times, nothing will calm and inspire your team more than you and your confident attitude to get over such situations.

Be clear about clear situations

It is normal to feel like everything is uncertain in times of uncertainty. But that is never true. Be clear nd confident on what you know, what will not change irrespective of the situation and something that your team can always count on.

Know what is true and what is not

Everything put together you might get more information. So do such exercise more often. Get all the members of the team together and get information. But try not to focus on what you already know. Depending on the area of expertise of the people understand and get information from the team members. Such brainstorming sessions can help you gather more information.

Stick to your decisions

When you make a decision, stick to that. Do not allow second-guessing options. If at all you still want to change the course of action, do that with all the confidence and boldness. But if not, then let the plan go as decided.

Motivate those that take risk

In the past, if you reacted negatively when someone had approached with new ideas, accept it, and commit your teammates that you would support in case of calculated risks. Allow all the members to work and think in full capacity and also allow the flow of creativity and innovation.

Be prepared for alternative situations as well

Since the future is uncertain, it is very difficult to be assured of it. But one needs to be prepared for the future as well. Develop alternative plans. Discuss and develop contingency plans as well.

Engage your teammates

The more people you engage in problem-solving, the less scary the problem becomes. Engage people from other departments for some cross-functional collaboration. Get this approved from a third party.

Hence, the most important message that we want to give via this article is to keep your calm in such situations and focus on all possible outcomes.

Written & Compiled by Faber Priyal and Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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