8 ways to leader should incorporate under Stress

May 19, 2020by Faber Infinite

It is a myth that stress is a negative word. It is about how you deal with it. Many things in life that we have achieved required some amount of stress be it exams, public speaking for the first time, job interview, motivating the team, approaching a prospect for business, all of them required some or other amount of stress. But all stressful events lead to achievements. In this article, we will talk about how to incorporate under stress?

Perhaps stress or pressure whatever you call it is required for an individual to perform optimally. Leaders know many ways to handle stress. Here are the eight most common practices that leaders should incorporate to deal with stress:

Stay calm

Even in stress or pressure consider the situation as a challenge and not as a crisis


Ensure all the employees in the organization are aligned with the organization’s goals. Even under stress employees in the organization should be focussed towards the strategic goals of the organization

Keep it simple

Under stress keep calm, remain focussed, and maintain clarity of thoughts. Prioritize and work on things that are more important. Do not be emotional and do not get influenced or do not get defensive.

Physical Exercise

Exercise will not only help to reduce stress but will also help to improve concentration by reducing anxiety, thus leading to better decision making.

Controlled Actions

When in stress or pressure take time to take decisions, reflect on the issue this will help you to resolve the issue and improve clarity on the issue.

Be Optimistic

A leader should have an optimistic mental attitude that is aligned with practicality that sometimes things do go wrong. When such things happen, they should be dealt with and lessons should be learned from such episodes. All this should happen while maintaining the ability to stay positive about the future.


There is a need to manage stress. Leaders should learn the art of temporarily detaching themselves from stress. A leader needs to take a break and come back and handle stress with a fresh mind and approach.

Prepare for the unexpected

You will always have stress for what is expected but at the same time, you need to be prepared to take the stress that would arise from what is unexpected. A leader should not just be worried about the unexpected but should have a plan B ready.

The fact is leaders are not born with the quality to manage stress better than the rest, but they accept the fact that dealing with stress and pressure is essential for success. Leaders do not fear stress or pressure they rather equip themselves to make the most.

Written & Compile by Faber Mayuri

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