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Building Competitiveness in Kenya – Big Four Agenda

  • By faber
  • March 8, 2018

The government of Kenya has launched the much talked ‘Big Four’ campaign in order to create more jobs and achieve economic prosperity. President Uhuru Kenyatta aims to shift the focus on economic development with this campaign and have already urged all the ministers to strongly support the Big Four plan.

What is Big Four agenda?

The Big Four – food security, affordable housing, jobs in the manufacturing sector and affordable healthcare – are the pillars on which President Kenyatta’s vision to transform Kenya economically rests on.

The campaign is an initiative by the Kenyan government which focuses on creating a richer and prosper economy of the country in this new term of their administration. It aims to create more than 1.3 million jobs in the manufacturing sector by the year 2022. The Uhuru Kenyatta administration wants to achieve this with the expansion of the Blue economy, Agro-processing, Leather and textiles.

The government also plans to achieve a 100 percent health and medical coverage for every Kenyan by expanding NHIF in this term of governance. Also, the government wishes to ensure food security and provide affordable housing facilities to the Kenyan public.

Organizational Transformation and its role in achieving these targets

Organizational Transformation has a very important and major role to play in helping the government of Kenya achieve these targets and fulfill the ‘Big Four’ agenda as well as grow at the same time. All these targets have a common aspect that needs to be addressed before the Kenyan public starts seeing any kind of progress in the campaign – which is efficiency.

The need to improve the efficiency of various processes with relations and linkages to growth, subsequent gains from technological advancements with simultaneous absorption and deployment of effective change management frameworks are some of the key drivers that will act as a pillar in the entire process and will influence the results of the entire campaign. To make this campaign accelerate and become accessible by every Kenyan, these points must be touched and explored while making optimum use of resources.

Organizational Transformation is a journey that helps one achieve continual and sustainable development. It should never be mixed with an off initiative and people should embrace the journey of transformation to achieve eminence and transcendence. Organizations that have pursued this journey and have nurtured Organizational Transformation and have been able to leverage their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Organizational Transformation delivers compelling business outcomes when pursued correctly.

Faber Infinite has been a very active participant in promoting Organizational Transformation to bring out the optimum efficiency of the organizations and its resources. We have helped a number of organizations in creating a very holistic and comprehensive work environment with its copyrighted structured Organizational Transformation Framework©.

At Faber Infinite, we believe in ‘Big Four Agenda’ and will always support the dream of making Kenya more competitive. Let us take a pledge to make Kenya more competitive and support the Big Four agenda. We believe in the vision of honorable President and support the sole motive of making Kenya a leader on the map of Africa.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri