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Change Management is Data Driven

  • By faber
  • March 9, 2018

Data science is the future and is slowly becoming one of the key pillars to drive change management in any organization. Some may say that it is yet to arrive and there is a lot of time to prepare for the change, but in reality, now is the time for the companies to gear up and prepare themselves for this next big change. Companies well prepared in the next decade with a clear vision of collecting the right kind of data and an efficient analytics system will be the one leading and influencing the market in the coming days.

Get to know the engagement of your employees

Employee engagement is a very relevant factor that drives change mange management. In today’s digital world, real-time employee opinion tools are replacing the old-fashioned tools such as surveys and polls. Engaging your employees in feedbacks will ultimately optimize the process and help in rapid learning processes with better communication. Moreover, this will ultimately generate trust and confidence of the team members towards each other and will foster better relations.

Capturing data from the ongoing change projects

Every other organization is very careful and observant with even minor shifts in processes like OEE, inventory management, productivity improvement etc. However, very few keep records of different projects in order to bring or achieve a change in the organization. Projects can be anything, but there are certain similarities that drive the entire projects and in order to bring change, data from these processes are the sole driver that pumps the numbers and help the team in capturing the opportunities.

Track data to choose the influencers for the change

Data has been used by companies for decades now to select people for senior roles. This is a very crucial factor that influences the entire change management since it is associated with the leadership. If every team member along with the leader goes through a skill analysis process before any project, the data obtained will become the foundation that can be analyzed further to check what leads to successful change projects. This will also help the organizations optimize their search processes for selection of candidates for any other roles as well.

Dashboard – A tool to bring insights

Dashboards can bring important insights and inputs that can thrust the change management processes by keeping a detailed record of company’ goals, its future plans, and reflecting their priorities. Many companies do not collect this data though it is already available. Dashboards can come very handy in simplifying sophisticated projects and using the collected data to provide the right information to the right people to make more informed decisions.

Collecting data will enable the companies in producing a more profound and leak-proof model which will accelerate the associate programs and help the organization in achieving their goals. It is much more than kaizen and organizations have to start understanding this. It is better to sow seeds now than to worry about it ten years later.

We agree that establishment of such tools will take time but precaution is always better than the cure and hence, companies should start building dashboards and implementing these tools in their organizations for change projects, because believe it or not, change management now is more data-driven. And, if you are not prepared, someone else will outrun you.