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5 ways to Empower teams to Improve Business

  • By faber
  • December 2, 2021

Planning and Management are two key pillars of any business. Effective planning and strict management of all planning processes can not only improve the working culture of employees but also increase the profitability of the organization by increased productivity and sustainability. 

In this iFaber article, sharing yet another successful training workshop conducted for organization in the thermal products industry. The training and development programs in any industry always enable the employees to develop skills and proficiencies for performance enhancement. Team Faber Infinite conducted the training workshop to initiate the Planning Process Improvement and Building Operational Excellence Foundations for one of the clients. Another objective behind the training workshop also included rolling out sustainable Inventory Management Methodology.

5 key Points to Empower teams to Improve Business

  1. Structured planning and Coordination between departments
  2. Standardized Inventory management systems needed to be standardized and the absence of Kanban system.
  3. Manpower Skill Indexing 
  4. Implementation of Five S and Physical Workplace Improvement Practices
  5. Structured measurement metric for production and dispatch, quality and other operational parameters

Team Faber conducted a five-day training workshop to work towards improvement on the lines of observations and challenges by interactive tutorials, group work, gemba (real workplace) trainings and stimulated group exercises which led towards the following activities:

  1. Improving overall planning process via Swimlane Process Mapping and Value Stream Mapping Exercise
  2. Inventory Optimisation via inventory management modules, Kanban and warehouse management
  3. Action plans for improving and sustaining the initiatives for handling challenges and opportunities were also rolled out

Faber Infinite continues the journey of touching upon operational excellence for achieving sustainable benefits and continual improvements through training workshops and consulting for business with the execution of the Organizational Transformation Framework.

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Written By Faber Aleena & Compiled By Faber Mayuri