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December 2, 2021by Faber Infinite

Flower farming or floriculture is the cultivation of flowers and, experimenting with new varieties to improve buds and flower developments for maximum productivity and Profitability of flowers. It includes growing room requirements, greenhouse needs, plant nutrition, irrigation, breeding new strains, pest management, etc which determines the quality of buds and flowers produced during the cultivation period.

Floriculture requires a great amount of care as the end products are perishable and have high chances of rejection. Thus, flower farming focuses on plant spacing, pruning, ideal flower harvest time frame, flower heads, and other parts of the plant are given special attention.

One of the finest global consulting and capacity building organizations, Faber Infinite has been working closely with leading flower farms in East Africa to build competitiveness and higher return on investment based on Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement principles.

As per the forecast by experts of the floriculture industry predicts that the market will flourish at a CAGR of 8.6% and garner USD 3.65 billion by the end of 2027 and the dominance of African floriculture has widened the scope of business for flower farms. Faber Infinite has vast experience in commercial farms and has been delivering results across 8 countries by extending support to more than dozens of farms for improvement in flower production and increase in total additional revenue potential and overall improvement.

Team Faber’s experience has identified and worked upon typical improvement areas, which can make effective changes for the continual benefits for flower farms. Few of them can be listed as below:

Some Continual Benefits for Flower Farms
  • Productivity improvement of land
  • Reduction in rejection of flowers
  • Quality improvement
  • Inventory management
  • Increase in labor productivity
  • Flow improvement in the packhouse
  • Reduction in energy and fuel cost
  • Physical workplace improvement
  • Lead time reduction
  • Improvement in transport operations
  • Overall improvement in standardization and efficiency

Floriculture employs important aspects like plant spacing, training, and pruning plants for optimal flower harvest, post-harvest treatments such as chemical treatments, storage, preservation, and packaging. Therefore, the challenge to floriculture is also high due to varied parameters which can be affected, if not paid enough attention. Team Faber Infinite has delivered tangible results by meeting such challenges. Some key results delivered for the flower farm domain are as follows:

  • Lead time reduced by 45%
  • Improvement in harvest productivity by 39%
  • Reduction in the inventory of packhouse by 21%
  • Improvement in flower production by 25%
  • Packhouse rejection reduced by 71%
  • Increase in manpower productivity by 47%
  • Reduction in number of touchpoints by 18%
  • Reduction in distance traveled in packhouse by 49%

With the opening up of new markets and advancements in technology, the flower farms have immense potential to uncover in the area of operational excellence. Faber Infinite strives its way forward in engaging with flower farms by providing operational excellence solutions and implementing the Organizational Transformation Framework, to enhance the sustainability and profitability of farms.

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Written By Faber Aleena & Compiled By Faber Mayuri

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