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Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem

  • By faber
  • May 11, 2021

Some teams are good at identifying problems. If few in the team must propose ways and means to solve the problem, there are a few in the team who can help you identify potential risks in the solution. How can leaders focus on building teams that focus on identifying problems and finding solutions to those problems? This Transformation Tuesday lets us look at how leaders can build a culture of both creativity and analytical thinking that can help employees to come up with solutions that are closer to reality.


1. A leader should work to create an environment that supports both creative and innovative thinking. To imbibe the culture of innovation and creative thinking leaders need to put their ideas as well. A leader should be clear and straight about the message. He/she should tell the team clearly that we are here to discuss the solution and not the obstacles. Leaders should encourage others to be a part of the discussion.

2. A leader should practice what he/she preaches. A leader should follow different problem-solving tools and techniques that he/she wants to see in the team. A leader should involve a third party, maybe a consultant to attend the brainstorming session. They might bring in new views to the conversation.

3. Leaders should keep reminding the team, that they need to focus on the solution and not the problems. A leader should work on the resistance in the team.


1. Leaders should ignore the resistance instead focus on possible solutions by asking the right questions to the members of the team

2. Leaders should not go alone for it. They should invite members or consultants from other teams to get a new viewpoint on the situation

3. Do not be a miser with compliments. When you openly appreciate team members for the work they are doing, it helps to improve creative thinking

Culture change always takes time. But it surely leads to a united team that is innovative, united, and that solves problems together.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri