For Things to Change, We Must Change

December 20, 2022by Faber Infinite

Creating meaningful change in an organization is difficult because it requires us to rethink the values and operations, to which we are accustomed to. Change and growth can take time and energy, but it’s important for an organization to keep moving forward. 

Change is not a process, but a mindset. We all have to realize that change is everywhere, we just need to open our minds and be ready for it when it comes knocking at our doorsteps! In this article we will discuss how you can change yourself in order to bring about meaningful organizational transformation. 

Understanding the Need for a Change

The need to change is the first step towards change. But we must realize that this comes in two forms: 

The first form is caused by external factors, such as competition or market forces. This is a kind of awareness that can be somewhat difficult to instill in people because there’s no clear reason why they should make changes within their organization.  

The second form is personal: it’s about understanding where our feelings about change come from and how they impact our decisions about organizational change.  

Embracing an Agile Mindset

If you want to become an agile leader and embrace the values of Agile, here are some ways that you can adopt an Agile mindset. 

Continuous learning:

Focus on knowledge that has a direct application to your work, such as how to improve collaboration with your team or how to better manage stress in the workplace. 

Continuous improvement:

Once you’ve started learning new things, start looking for ways where those skills can be applied at work. Look for small projects or tasks that can help build up into larger improvements over time.  

By tying both continuous learning and improvement you can implement continuous delivery 

Analyzing Organizational Processes

The next step for changing organization is to understand how the process works. You should also consider how this process is used in an organization, which may require breaking it down into 3 steps. 

  1. Acknowledge that something needs to be changed 
  2. Identify what needs to be changed and why it needs changing 
  3. Plan how you will bring about the change
Flattening Organizational Hierarchy

If you’re looking to change the culture of your workplace, it’s helpful to understand how organizational hierarchy can affect your team’s productivity and happiness. The key is flattening it as much as possible. 

Flattening the organizational hierarchy means breaking down power structures and eliminating unnecessary management layers between employees and executives. This approach has many benefits that can help improve company culture. 


Change is the constant and only constant today. The organizations which have realized this and have nurtured their people to go through the process of change have survived and are thriving in the cut throat competitive scenario of today. Organizations which are surviving are surviving because they are changing. The organizations which are thriving are thriving because they know how to change. 

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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