Transform with the Art of Adaptability

December 27, 2022by Faber Infinite

The world is changing and so are we. In the past, organizations were able to keep up with change by relying on rigid structures and processes. Today, organizations must transform themselves into flexible adaptive systems to thrive in a volatile environment.  

This shift from rigidity to flexibility has profound implications for how people work together, collaborate across boundaries, share knowledge and build relationships with one another. All of which can be traced back to their understanding of adaptability as a way of being in the world. 

Paves the Road for Transformation

The essence of adaptability is that it is a transformative process. In other words, adaptability can be used to transform your organization and its employees, but also your customers or even the market. 

If you focus on adaptability as a transformative process and not just an action plan, you will be able to create long-term results and build more sustainable competitive advantages. 

As a leader, don’t be afraid to embrace change. To be adaptable you need to be open to change, and you should encourage flexibility and openness in your employees. 

Start Limiting Rulebooks

It’s important to design structure and guidelines, but they should be considered in the same way that a tool must be used with care to get the best results. 

Structure and guidelines are great tools for staying on-track and keeping things running smoothly. Like any other tool in your arsenal though, if you don’t know how to use them appropriately You will fail at building strong relationships with your team members.  

So, stop creating rigid rulebooks and motivate teams toward shared goals. 

Escape the Unpredictable Crisis

When things are predictable, it’s tempting to rely on the tried-and-true leadership style that has served well in the past. But when things go awry, this rigid approach is shattered. Adaptability is not an option but a necessity. 

To remain agile in changing environments, you’ll need to get started on this process immediately. Only the art of adapting can help you escape unpredictable future changes. 

A Core Value to Implant

Adaptability is a core value that transcends industries and business models. If you want your company to be successful in today’s fast-paced, volatile landscape, then you need to make adaptability a core value. 

As adaptability is such a critical component of agility and innovation, it will help you solve problems faster and make better decisions more quickly than your competitors. 


The new world of business is one in which rapid change and constant adaptation are the only sure ways to succeed. If you want your organization to survive, it needs to be flexible and adaptable. The best way to achieve this is by instilling these values in your employees and encouraging them to take advantage of opportunities wherever possible. 

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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