4 Stages of Leadership Development

April 5, 2022by Faber Infinite

Many people have called for new leadership approaches to meet the demands of a rapidly, unpredictable world. An autocratic management approach, whether traditional or emerging, will be insufficient to meet the multitude of challenges that today’s leaders face.

So, on this Transformation Tuesday rather than perfecting a “leadership right fit,” assess how a leader can establish and expand his or her “managerial scope”.

The wider this range, the more impactful or flexible the leader will be.

Stage 1: Become Acquainted With Yourself

Cognitive self-awareness To increase your cognitive self-awareness, the first part of developing your leadership balance is to become aware of your own instinctual pluses and minuses. This will give you a frame of reference, or de facto range, of where you feel most comfortable. Being more conscience necessitates being aware of public responses (both formal and informal), as well as paying attention to the areas where you find it difficult or forgo, or paying attention when your colleagues aren’t totally dependent on you to complete a task or assignment.

Stage 2: Become aware of your surroundings

Situational awareness is critical. When faced with disruption, leaders must be able to perceive their surroundings, evaluating what characteristics are present and what implications they have for the work at hand. It perceives and comprehends the environment. To start, you must undergo a present predicament in real time but without judgement. Then you must describe and separate the perceptions from the background noise.

Stage 3: Extend your horizons.

If you’re fortunate, the most acceptable conduct in any given situation will be within your leadership scope. The action, in this case, is straightforward.

However, if the situation demands you to act in a way that is outside of your comfort zone, you must bridge the gap.

Micro-behavioral skills should be honed. Rather than making a large transformation to modify your behavior, you can concentrate on micro-behaviors that will bring you nearer to your ultimate goal. A micro-behavior is also something small, perhaps even insignificant, but consistent with the direction you want to go.

Stage 4: Look for role models.

Peers with varying abilities who can serve as role models for the kinds of behaviors you want to interpret and implement can be an excellent source of motivation. Seek assistance from both within and outside of your team. Teamwork bridges the gap between your preconfigured style and also the most obvious solution, which can take time and effort. For such cases, the best course of action would be to look for an alternative either within or outside of your current team.

As a result, organizations require leaders who can adapt to their environments, which necessitates the continuous development of self-awareness, compassion, understanding, and behavioral experimentation to broaden their behavioral range. Leaders must experiment with various behaviors and strategies, determining which ones are appropriate for a particular situation and amassing behavioral and cognitive experiences over time. This is a learning loop in which they function out behavior and then demonstrate it to determine what went well, what didn’t, and how to improve in the future.

Written by Faber Aleena & Compiled by Faber Mayuri


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