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  • By faber
  • October 13, 2015

Do your team members in the organization hold back by self-doubt? Is this self-doubt affecting the people potential in your organization?

Today, many managers and mentors are facing this challenge of their employees having self- doubt. Self-doubt can seriously impair the performance of the employee at work. This can create a negative impact to the inner critic. If the employees are in self-doubt then they will shy away from leading projects or teams, or put off going for the big opportunities – new clients, new business lines, and innovative moves – that could help your business grow.

To overcome this, as a manager or mentor, one of the most powerful ways you can unlock your people’s potential is to give them a toolkit for managing self-doubt. The alternative is to take the conversation up a level. Instead of arguing with your team members’ inner critics, you can introduce a conversation about self-doubt – what it is, why it shows up, and how it can impact what you achieve as a team?

We have come across an interesting article which talks about ‘How you can help your employees to overcome self-doubt?’ Following are some common qualities of the inner critic’s voice to help your people identify their critics:

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