Is AI going to change lives for the better?

August 8, 2017by Faber Infinite0

Technology is transforming by the day and so is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a big play field and is growing leaps and bounds. AI is a technological advancement that makes the machine do a task that otherwise requires human intervention. Some of the activities with AI are designed includes Speech recognition, Learning, Planning, and Problem-solving.

Facebook’s AI Experiment: Abandoning Chatbots and the Unintended Consequences

There are experiments conducted and experiments are all about trial and errors. One such headline that grabbed attention was Facebook abandoning their chatbots.

Facebook has been working with AI in its chatting features. Researchers at Facebook built a chatbot earlier this year that was meant to learn how to negotiate by mimicking a human. But when the social network paired two of the programmed robots nicknamed Alice and Bob to trade against each other they started to learn their own bizarre form of communication. The bizarre discussion came as Facebook challenged its chatbots to try and negotiate with each other attempting to sell hats, books each of which were given a value. But they quickly broke down as they started to chat with each other in a language only they understood. Since all this was incomprehensible to humans, Facebook had to abandon the experiment.

The Phenomenal Promise of AI: Simplifying, Accelerating, and Improving Our World

It is as concerning as it is amazing – simultaneously a glimpse of both the awesome and horrifying potential of AI. Scientists and tech luminaries, including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Wozniak have warned that AI could lead to unforeseen consequences.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have phenomenal potential to simplify, accelerate, and improve many aspects of our lives. Computers can consume and process massive quantities of data and extract patterns and useful information at a rate exponentially faster than humans, and that potential is being explored and developed around the world.

You like it or not, it is a change that will come sooner or later but we need to proceed with caution though. We need to closely monitor and understand the self-perpetuating evolution of an artificial intelligence and always maintain appropriate checks and balances.

What is your take?

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Written By Faber Mayuri Pandya

by Faber Infinite

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