Three Crucial Tips for Employee Engagement

August 1, 2017by Faber Infinite0

Tips for Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is a major problem for most of the companies.  It plays a crucial role in keeping the employees hooked onto a particular company. Here, hooked on does not refer to being clinged to the company just for the sake of staying or because of the challenges encountered in getting a new job. It means that they stay with that company because they want to because of the emotional connect and positive approaches they have developed for the company over the period of time.

In real sense, what is Employee Engagement? In simple words, employee engagement refers to the type of relationship any employee has with the organization in terms of emotional attachment and a positive and enthused approach towards work which keeps them engaged with the organization.

This keeps him on his toes to work the best for his beloved organization. Having said that, organizations are facing challenges in sustaining their best employees. Many organizations lack employee engagement. In thi article, we will talk about some Tips for Employee Engagement.

Below are few pointers which would help you to sustain your employees, to keep them motivated and to keep them engaged:

  • Focus on Employee Performance:

One common mistake that we often make is that we focus only on outcomes. We await the final outcome and its result. Obviously the end result is important but also the process undertaken to achieve those results are equally important. Hence employee performance is an important parameter that needs to be taken because the outcomes depend on the performance. Performance metrics tell managers how employees stack up to expectations, where they are succeeding and struggling and what changes in behavior are most effective.

  • Guide with the help of visual tools:

Once performance is gauged the next step involves guiding the employees wherever they would be making mistakes. Mere judging without guiding won’t bring any results.  Guiding needs to be very effective. To make it impactful, visual tools can be the right aide. Visuals impact more than words or numbers. Thus use visuals to explain the performance, the flaws and the areas of improvements which would make the process easy to understand and remember.

  • Reassessing the set expectations:

Once the employees are given guidance and feedbacks about their performance. The last step would be to reassess the set expectations alongside the employee roles in achieving the same. This step is very important to assess the achievements with reference to the expectations. This exercise of involving employees in and reassessing employee roles is perfect for reminding employees of the value they bring to the company and for helping them understand how much they can learn and grow.

Employee engagement holds extreme significance today. Hence measures should be taken to help Improve employee engagement with the help of proper trainings, discussions and employee involvements for the development of the organization.

Written by Faber Ramya Pillai

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