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Leadership begins with your people.

  • By faber
  • October 26, 2019

One of the most important aspects of leadership is that leadership should begin with your people, team, and subordinates. Putting the team ahead of the individual leader helps the leader see things from the team’s point of view and understand what steps need to be taken and what needs to be avoided.

As a leader, one must recognize people who are not able to perform at their best and provide support and feedback to them. When you understand this and take your focus away from self, it will change you as a leader.

Below are a few points that can help you work towards valuing your people more;

  • See your people as your biggest success            

A good leader supports those around them, focuses on developing them, helps them succeed and watches them grow into the people they want to become. When people succeed, it shows the reflection of their leaders. So, work hard on your people. Your people are your biggest asset and without them, a team can fail.

  • Recognize, acknowledge and appreciate your people.

Every employee of the organization works hard, and everyone wishes to be valued for their hard work. And a leader must always recognize and give credit to its people for the fabulous work they do. Make a deliberate effort to call out your top producers in a meeting and recognize them. When others see a co-worker being recognized, it will inspire your team. Everyone will work harder to be the next person who is appreciated for the good work.

  • Know your people

Would be definitely knowing your people’s names and their positions and what they are working on, but do you actually know them? Do you know where they have come from? Do you know what have they done in the past before they began working with you? Most importantly, do you know their hopes and dreams? Getting to know the teams in more detail and personal manner will make the teams feel valued and increase their respect for the leader.

  • Leave your ego

There are going to be people who are performing better than you. You will have people in your team who have significant achievements. People may get another degree, get a certification, or move on to a new position in the organization. One of the best compliments a leader can receive is to have one of their team members move on to a better opportunity. Leader needs to be proud and not jealous.

  • Empower your people

Before taking any decision, everyone wants to be trusted. Hence, empower your people to make certain decisions. Do not short-change them. Give a chance to the members of the team to prove themselves and shine rather than ignoring their abilities and doing it yourself. If you have a big presentation coming up with your management team? Give chance to one of your top-performing employees to give the presentation. Giving them empowerment will help them be more confident and they will strive for larger goals.

Leadership is a gift as well as a privilege. You should always value your teammates. Each of them plays a vital role to keep the organization going. When you will put your team’s needs and interests ahead of yours, you will be an even more successful leader.