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4 Steps Management practices to improve employee productivity

  • By faber
  • February 19, 2019

Companies today want to improve their employee’s productivity but, how often do they examine their own practices to attain the same? Research has shown that many non-management employees are disengaged and not working at their full productive capacity. People also think that improving productivity is only possible with incurring additional cost.  But that is not true. Below mentioned are the steps which will help you Improve employee productivity without incurring any additional cost.

  • Design an economic incentive:

A general economic incentive for the entire organization can help the employees of all the levels take the benefit. If you want your employee to be vigorously committed to your organization than you would not wish to neglect the incentives for the bottom level. Obviously, this will lead to incur to your costs, but the structure has to be carefully drawn so that the additional pay-outs reflect clearly defined revenue & earnings targets.

  • Provide meaningful feedback:

It is necessary to provide meaning full and constructive feedback on a regular basis. Feedback is a foundational skill of management. The ability to provide helpful feedback which could be positive or negative in such a way that it encourages and not discourages the employee. It could be simply an encouragement for the job like well done, or the correction if needed.

  • Don’t be anti-emotional:

Management won’t get anything by withholding praise and recognition when it is needed. A recent study showed that recognition is more powerful than monetary incentives. Well, this may not make much of sense at senior level as financial rewards escalate but, the focus should be on Improve employee productivity at an organizational level to make the broadest gains.

  • Ensure senior leadership model:

Employees of all levels should be treated with respect. Employees get highly demoralized by seeing their senior leaders when they act in a way that they do not respect their team members. Leaders are always being watched and judged continuously. The employees have keen eyes and are keen data sharers! When leadership is “walking the talk,” it will be quickly noted – but so will “talking the walk” without walking it.

Employee engagement is a vital factor to boost organizational productivity. Most of the times, employees would admire being part of a team where they are respected and empowered and are not just a member of an organization. Developing and maintaining a consistent management approach is a key towards improving productivity.

Written & Compiled by Faber Priyal & Faber Mayuri