5 ways to Boost Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

June 25, 2019by Faber Infinite0

Improving the productivity of the employees is one of the most important as well as an increasingly difficult goal of every business. Along with technology advancement, workplaces are becoming more flexible and less traditional. Also, research shows that the new generation of employees’ value office perks more over office pay.

As the trend of the workforce is shifting, the leaders are getting confused about how to balance flexibility and productivity. But these terms are not on the opposite ends rather, they can go together. Happy employees will always be productive ones and vice versa. Below attached are a few pointers to be considered to improve the workplace for boosting workplace productivity.

Make it comfortable:

It is difficult to overlook the importance of a good office chair. We now know how important role ergonomics play in the wellbeing of employees – and their productivity. Employees spend a maximum number of hours parked at their desk. One of the biggest threats to employee productivity is the absence of the employee due to an injury and most of the office injuries happen due to repetitive strain.

In addition to protecting the physical wellbeing of your employees by correcting their posture, providing them quality chairs, etc will help boost their morale. You need to show your employees that you care for them by investing in their daily comfort.

Make it greener:

Do you know, being around nature can increase the productivity of the employees by 15% or more? Sitting indoor in a closed-door office can make it boring for the employees to work.

Including some greenery in the office where everyone can see at least one plant from their desk will spread positivity, reduce stress and illness, improve memory, it can also boost the creativity and will thus help to boost employee productivity.

Adding energy booster:

Caffeine is the best when it comes to reducing stress, boredom, boosting the energy level and improving creativity. Coffee will help the employees stay awake and fresh even when they have had a difficult time sleeping all night and still be able to work with a fresh mind.

Keep employees hydrated:

Almost 75% of the employees forget to drink enough water while at work. This can impact their immune system and concentration which leads to decrease in productivity.

Hence, some organizations gift their employee’s refillable water bottles with the organization’s logo and thus get some easy brand exposure.

Allow listening to music while working:

In our last article, we spoke about how employee’s productivity can be boosted by listening to instrumental music. Such music helps the brain to focus and concentrate well on the task, it helps reduce stress and increase the speed of execution.

Music helps in improving productivity. Hence, occasionally when the employees are working on a repetitive task, we can ask them to listen to instrumental music which will reduce their boredom and errors in the task and boost the speed of completing the task.

Small changes as mentioned in this Transformation Tuesday can help you transform the organization and help boost the productivity of the employees. Thus these small investments can go a long way towards improving productivity.

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Compiled by Faber Priyal & Faber Mayuri

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