Strategist – The 5 in 1 member of the organization

July 3, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Strategists are key individuals or group that takes care of the processes involved in making, evaluation and implementation of various strategies in an organization. They play a crucial role in driving and steering an organization towards the path that will lead them to their goals and objectives.

A strategist is known for thinking outside the box and procuring creative solutions to complex problems interfering in the working processes of the organization. For a strategist, it is very important to focus on Emotional Quotient (EQ), Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Spiritual Quotient (SQ) while devising the outlines of any strategy or its implementation process.

A strategist needs to be very focused and concentrated towards his tasks and should be very thorough in research and analysis. Moreover, he should keep this in mind that concept, rules, power and politics are the four supporting pillars in the creation of any strategy in an organization. The end result of a strategy is responsible for determining the future steps as well as the scope and opportunities of an organization.

Below is a list of various kinds of strategists one might find in an organization –

  • Board of Directors

  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Senior management

  • SBU level executives

  • Corporate planning staff

  • Consultants

  • Middle level managers

  • Executive assistant

Roles of a strategist in an organization

  • Palm reader – A strategist should play the role of a palm reader in an organization. He should be able to foresee the future of the organization and should use his imagination to develop and implement strategies in order to determine the tier in which the organization will compete.

  • A chiseling force – The strategist should be able to carve the path for the organizations with his innovative and effective strategies. From defining the targets and competition to creating a roadmap to achieve them, a strategist should always be the artist of the organization. He should act as a chiseling force and which resembles the role of a sculptor in an organization.

  • Politician – A politician is known for influencing the public with his words and deeds and knows how to use his power. The same applies to a strategist in an organization as well. A strategist should be able to know the importance of power in the organization and should always keep the team and its members motivated either by his plans and strategies or their results.

  • Sage / Guru – A strategist is a guru or a sage in an organization who imparts morality and ethical values among his colleagues and co-workers in the organization. It helps in unlocking the potential of the team members and makes them aware of their purpose and role in the organization.

  • Reliever – A strategist should also play the role of a reliever in an organization thus busting the insecurities and doubts of the team members and bringing out their creativity, energy, passion, innovation and self- assurance.


Strategist is one of the key members in the organization who can change the outlook, number and graphs of an organization entirely. Unlike any other employee of the organization, strategists are given the responsibility of accelerating the growth factor of the organization as well as improve the quality of the operating environment as well.

Written and Compiled by Faber Kishly & Faber Mayuri.

by Faber Infinite

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