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Transform Kenyan Industries Through Operational Excellence

One of the main areas Faber Infinite focuses on to assist its clients in operating more effectively is Operational Excellence. In the field of operational excellence, Faber Infinite offers several tailored modules that support the creation and maintenance of high-performance teams. “Operational excellence” is a key element of effective and successful execution in every organization....

Operational Excellence Consultant in India | Lean Management

Operational Excellence is one of the core areas focused on by Faber Infinite to help its clients operate better. Faber Infinite provides several customised modules in the area of operational excellence that help create and maintain high-performance teams. A crucial component of efficient and successful execution in every organization is “operational excellence.” Faber Infinite is...

Standardize to Win the Race!

Coca-Cola is a renowned name all across the world. It has been in news for a long time in the Indian political scenario. Irrespective of the current news Coca-Cola has always managed and maintained their standards in every country they serve. Presently Coca-Cola serves more than 1.2 billion servings in over 200 countries all around the...

Lean Manufacturing – Path to Success for SMEs

It is a much known fact that the market is evolving today and is more competitive than ever. This has forced manufacturers to find ways to reduce costs, eliminate wastes, improve services and provide quality products to the customers. This has also added an extra burden over the manufacturers to improve efficiency of the processes...

Plastic Industry needs to pull up its socks!

Plastic is one of the fastest growing industries in India. It has been one of the top contributors to the Indian economy and plays a very vital role in influencing it. After making a promising start in the year 1957, the plastic industry in India has grown and diversified rapidly. Analyzing the current scenario of...

Fundamentals of World Class Manufacturing

It could be known by different terminologies. Some call it TPS (Toyota Production System), others WCM (World Class Manufacturing), some call it LEAN and some call it Operational Excellence. Finally, to sum it up, all world-class organizations have different frameworks or structures. But as it is said, ‘All roads lead to Rome.’ All systems lead...

Crafting Operational Excellence in Plastic Industry

  The Indian plastics market is comprised of around 25,000 companies and employs 3 million people. The domestic capacity for polymer production was 5.72 million tonnes in 2009. Gujarat in Western India is the leading plastics processing hub and accounts for the largest number of plastics manufacturers, with over 5,000 plastics firms. The growth rate of the Indian plastics industry is one of the highest...

Smart Way Forward for the Indian Engineering Industry

India is on the threshold of major reforms and is poised to become the third-largest economy of the world by 2030. India’s manufacturing sector has evolved through several phases – from the initial industrialization. And the license era to liberalization and the current phase of global competitiveness. Today, Indian manufacturing companies in several sectors are...

Excellence is a gradual result of always striving to do better.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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