Multitasking is a Myth

March 6, 2018by Faber Infinite0

In this modern world with bustle, agitation and urgency, multitasking has become a very common way to respond to the increasing demands of people. With the increasing competition, people tend to multitask more in order to optimize efficiency and improve productivity believing that multitasking is necessary in order to achieve success in life. However, the reality is, there is no such thing as multitasking.

The human mind is indeed capable of doing two or more things at the same time. But what it is not capable of is to concentrate on both the tasks at the same time. Many neuroscience researches suggest that human brain is not programmed to do multiple tasks simultaneously as we all think it did. Switching to other tasks quickly is a rough process for the brain and rather than saving time, we end up spending more time while multitasking with more mistakes and depleting more energy than what was required.

One might argue the fact that the quality of the work one does decrease with multitasking and he/she ends up making more and more mistakes. Multitasking also reduces the capability of the human mind to remember the details and compresses the human capability for optimum productivity and growth.

The Next Step – Find your principle task

Performing multiple tasks at one time does not produce better results and in a shorter span of time. Doing one thing at a time with precise measures is something that produces quality and better results. One has to understand this and have to be consistent and accurate in choosing his principal tasks and anchor the rest of his work around it. Choosing a principal task here does not mean that one cannot do any other thing, it just means that one has to dedicate oneself to that one task and should focus and concentrate on it to get it done on non-negotiable terms.

Choosing one principal task and anchoring the subordinate tasks around it is important because it helps the planner and the performer manage his work more efficiently while concentrating on one task at a moment thus driving in the right direction towards achieving the desired goal.

Busy? What does that even mean?

The competition is growing with each passing day and so is the hectic lifestyle of people nowadays. We have actually fallen into a trap where without being overworked we will have a hard time to survive. This has subsequently forced us to multitask thinking we are doing something really productive and meaningful. Many people might say that they are adding value to their life by being busy and are actually doing something worth with all the hectic lifestyle they have incorporated into their daily routine. Although, we must think about it twice and believing it is nothing more than assuring ourselves and finding an escape from the joke that we are actually doing something.

People who do the best of the work and who are the leaders in their respective fields have not mastered multitasking but have developed their ability to craft one task to perfection and will say no to the distractions that might force them to pivot from their goal. One must learn to avoid the busy lifestyle and instead work on the processes on how he can develop the skills to create a more sustainable and procuring craftsman in oneself.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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