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February 4, 2022by Faber Infinite

The world is fighting the deadly COVID-19 virus, and the industry across the globe is suffering from these ordeal times of dealing with the virus and trying to make changes to the working process to return to the new normal.

The Time and Motion Study not only records and evaluates the work rate of elements (for projects performed under everyday conditions), but also helps identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. It is a proven work measurement method. Although fundamental, time and motion research define fundamentals and enables to achieve better capacity, awareness, and robust planning systems that lead facility operations to superior operations. The structured Time & Motion Study aims to pave the way for best-in-class manpower productivity and lay the foundation for industrial IoT or automation.

Conducting a time-motion study correctly and implementing the right solutions allow you to enhance procedures and boost performance. Improved working practises increase operator efficiency while reducing weariness. It’s not only about how hard you work; it’s also about how smart you work!

The use of time-motion concept can improve resource allocation and planning. One can allocate the appropriate resources after one knows how much time and movement each task requires. Another advantage is lower costs. The larger the cost reductions, the better one can plan resources and the more work the crew completes. Remember to track how much time your employees save after making improvements.

In a production & manufacturing environment, time, motion and behavioural study can identify & improve the following:
  • Improving manpower productivity
  • Potential to increase production output
  • Work measurement and effort estimation
  • Determining the number and right-sizing of the workforce, equipment and tools required
  • Ascertaining the cost of manufacturing processes
  • Determining performance, assembly line and speed of conveyor belts
  • Reduce changeover time
  • Analysis of total manufacturing and distribution costs.
  • Determining & improving employee performance in production.
  • Determination of wage system for overtime workers.
  • Implementation of cost reduction measures.
  • Assisting in line balancing, cost reduction processes, and improvement initiatives
  • Impact of time and motion study on overall productivity as per the ILO guidelines

Therefore, Time and Motion Study tool is an important tool for the productivity and profitability of any organization. With hands-on experience in conducting such studies and other improvements, team Faber Infinite can conduct the said exercise in the most efficient manner.

Some of the exceptional results of the Time and Motion Study delivered by our consultants for the manufacturing units are:

Time and Motion Study for Manufacturing Industry

  • 30% improvement in production
  • 33% reduction in material waste
  • 26% reduction in workforce
  • 23% increase in employee productivity
  • 25% reduction in labor costs

Here are a few points that demonstrate how Faber Infinite can benefit your organization through time and motion studies:

Benefits of Time and Motion Studies

  • Customized study design:

Faber Infinite tailors the time and motion study approach to each client’s specific needs and industry context. We develop customized study designs that align with organizational goals, operational requirements, and desired outcomes, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

  • Data-driven insights and analysis:

Our team utilizes advanced data analytics tools and techniques to derive actionable insights from time and motion study data. We conduct in-depth analysis to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement, providing clients with data-driven recommendations and strategies for enhancing productivity and performance.

  • Implementation support and change management:

Faber Infinite not only identifies improvement opportunities but also provides comprehensive support in implementing recommended changes. We assist organizations in developing and implementing effective change management strategies, training programs, and performance monitoring mechanisms to ensure successful adoption and sustainability of improvements.

  • Continuous monitoring and optimization:

Beyond the initial study and implementation phase, Faber Infinite offers ongoing support and monitoring to track progress, measure results, and continuously optimize processes. We help organizations establish performance metrics, conduct regular reviews, and make iterative improvements to drive long-term success and business excellence.

  • Knowledge transfer and capacity building:

Faber Infinite prioritizes knowledge transfer and capacity building as part of our engagement approach. We empower client teams with the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to sustain improvements independently, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence within the organization.

Time and motion study has created many success stories, and it is one of the ways to build competitiveness for companies and the industry.  The idea of continuous improvement is essential to achieving the company’s goals. The focus is to provide the right solution, with the optimal use of resources, and to achieve this perfect workflow; organizations must work on minimizing waste, improving flexibility, and becoming more adaptable.

Team Faber Infinite has supported more than 200+ organizations and 40+ sectors with powerful ways to improve the productivity, efficiency, and overall process of the workforce even during these pandemic conditions. Our team helps organizations minimize waste,  use  available resources accurately, reduce costs, improve work environments, and motivate the workforce for higher and more sustainable production.


Written by Faber Aleena & Compiled by Faber Mayuri

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