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June 29, 2022by Faber Infinite

Kenya, the entry point to the East African market has also experienced all the challenges and disruption of the recent pandemic. But this time, the scenario worsened as the external factors kicked in with the difficulties. The Russia-Uranian war has fuelled the concerns for the Kenyan economy.

During, these upsurges, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on May 1, Sunday announced that his government would raise the country’s minimum wage by 12% immediately to help workers cope with a rise in consumer prices caused in part by the Ukraine conflict.

The propelling palm oil prices, rising food cost crisis, increasing poverty rate, disruption in exports hampering sunflower production and other huge shares of global supply are some of the reasons for quick government action.

With the government’s move of increasing the minimum wage, employers and organizational leaders are largely unsatisfied, as they need to pay their employees more. There would be a negative impact because employers and organizational leaders would reduce the number of employees, and raise the price of goods and services, which can result in poverty, inflation, and unemployment. So, there should be a quick fix that can assist in resolving all these issues.

The answer would be to increase labor productivity to offset the impact of rising wage rates and to increase competitiveness in global markets. With the established approaches and technologies, Faber Infinite can help effectively address the problem by increasing manpower productivity by 15 to 20 percent.

Faber has a track record of successful delivery, and the significant impact of its efforts has been experienced at the client locations. To improve manpower productivity, Team Faber employs fundamental tools such as time and motion study, Muda elimination, and other efficiency improvement concepts. The following four key drivers can be used to improve labor productivity:

Identify and eliminate all non-value-added steps

The first and most important task is to identify non-value-added efforts. If we successfully identify the non-value adding steps in the organization on time, we complete half of the task. However, this is usually a difficult task, and identifying it takes most of the time. After you have identified the wastes or non-value-added activities, you can work on eliminating them. Not all wastes can be eliminated, but such inadequacies (necessary evils) can be curtailed, if not eliminated, with the right tools.

Providing a systematic review aimed at work-life balance

The following step would be to go over the work balancing. Establishing decent work balance and load levelling is critical; otherwise, some resources, including manpower and equipment, will be wasted. There is also the possibility of Muda of overproduction, which causes a variety of issues such as overstocking, waste of space and resources, inefficiencies, and so on. The key would thus be to increase material velocity.

Developing and implementing standards

Improving is simple, but maintaining that improvement is difficult. That is where we must step in and implement standardized practices, which can be brought about by visual SOPs, daily work management, and other similar measures. These would aid in the improvement as well as the maintenance of improvements, thereby improving quality and efficiency.

Instilling Correctly the First Time, Every Time


The final key is to instil “right the first time, every time,” which refers to maintaining and improving quality each time you produce. Quality should be ingrained from the start. Quality at the source refers to having proper, robust processes in place so that no rework, reject, or inspection is required. The term “inbuilt quality” refers to maintaining the quality since the first step, which is an accepted standard.

The successful implementation of these approaches has resulted in the addition of new clients to Faber Infinite’s client list. For example, Team Faber has assisted Atlas Copco, one of the world’s leading engineering companies, in increasing manpower productivity by 33%. There are numerous satisfied clients from various industries who have obtained the best possible results when working with Faber Infinite.

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Written by Faber Aleena Thomas 

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