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Transforming Farms to Be Competitive!

  • By faber
  • March 30, 2020

Commercial Farms or Floriculture, an explored sector when it comes to leveraging operational excellence or transformation journey. As per research, it is forecasted that floriculture is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 10% in the year between 2020 – 2027. In this period, everyone would be looking at ways to improve productivity and profitability.

Team Faber has been supporting organizations from the floriculture domain. We have been working together with our clients to help them improve productivity and profitability to achieve desired results.

Team Faber with expertise in Operational Excellence Practices has been working with leading commercial farms across more than 8 countries with an objective to build competitiveness, sustainable organization and higher returns on investment (ROI). We have been working with leaders of the industry to support them in building a culture of continual improvement.

Typical Improvement Areas in Commercial Farms

  • Reduction in rejection of flowers
  • Productivity improvement of land
  • Quality improvement
  • Inventory management
  • Flow improvement in packhouse to improve ‘On Time in Full’ supplies to customers
  • Increase in labor productivity
  • Reduction in customer complaints
  • Improvement in transport operations of flowers
  • Reduction in energy and fuel cost
  • Cold chain Improvement Projects
  • Physical Workplace improvement
  • Lead Time Reduction
  • Daily Work Management to sustain improvement

Team Faber has been supporting several leading flower farms from Africa. Our teams have been assisting to improve the packhouse productivity, identify the gaps in the processes, packhouse flow improvement, strengthen the planning methodology of the packhouse, strengthen data management practices, improve the flow at the greenhouse, productivity improvement at the greenhouse, reduce rejection rate, and much more.

Team Faber had been supporting the clients to excel in the transformation journey. We are glad to share that one of the clients has improved it’s on time in full delivery by more than 100%, improved packhouse productivity by 40%, reduced overtime by 100%, improved quality via First Time Right by 90% and converted non-productive land to productive land, improving the output by ~20%.

With such expertise in the domain of commercial farming and catering to more than a dozen clients, team Faber has been helping and supporting organizations grow competitive and sustainable. The same can be done for your farms as well. Contact us at [email protected] to know-how!

Read below to know more about how Team Faber Infinite has been helping and supporting transformation in farms:

Written & Compiled By Faber Mayuri & Faber Priyal