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Upcoming Six Sigma Certification – Invest to Upgrade

  • By faber
  • November 30, 2020

Since several regions and countries across the world have been in the unlock phase now, it is time to bounce forward and not look back! Many of us have started to go back to our workplaces and implement the new things learned in the lockdown period. But is there an end to learning and upgrading oneself?

There is always room for training and self-development irrespective of where you are in your career. Training and development is a way forward to become better at whatever we do. It keeps us updated with the ongoing trends and helps us to never miss what is important in our field and how we can do things in a better way and improvise it!

Progressive organizations across the world are investing in upskilling their employees We have been running several training sessions on various topics since May 2020 and rolled out numerous batches with many ongoing programs. We had participants across geographies and industries from different levels of hierarchy in the organization.

Apart from one on one pieces of training, we are also engaged with top organizations of the country for training and upskilling of the employees and hence support them in their operational excellence journey. We have been training thousands of employees across the globe and the responses received from various participants have been phenomenal. It motivates us to come up with more and more training engagements.

Considering the demand, we are coming up with our next online training sessions on December 12- 13th  and 19 – 20th. The training will be conducted on Six Sigma – Green Belt certification programs. Click HERE to enroll in this program.

Make the best use of this opportunity and prepare yourself for the times to come! Contact us at [email protected] today to plan training programs for your organization.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri & Faber Priyal