3 Golden rules to keep employee motivated

March 20, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Employee motivated

At one point or other, everyone has gone through a phase where they lose their motivation because of certain circumstances and become slightly sluggish. To be honest, it is very frustrating; both for the person as well as for the leader. Most of the times, this leads to unproductivity which makes it harder to sympathize with the member of the team. In this article, we will discuss 3 golden rules to keep Employee Motivated.

As a leader of the team, managers should keep themselves open to such situations and instead of sitting back and waiting for the person to gorge upon his / her emotional infringements; he/she should dig out the reasons behind the loss of interest of the employee/s.

As employees, and more importantly as humans, feeling motivated is one of the key aspects that drive the entire thought process as well productivity cycle of an individual. The feeling of being motivated makes one open to new learning and will ultimately add to his soft skills. Humans are supposed to work by Exploring, Experimenting and Learning and being motivated acts as a catalyst in this entire process.

Leaders play an important role in keeping the employees motivated and passionate about what they do. Leaders can be the best solutions for the employees stuck up in something that keeps pulling them down.

  • Motivate people to express themselves

Many philosophers all around the world have reminded us again and again about the benefits of expressing oneself and show the world what they really are. Yet, many of us are still stuck up in the upper and juicy strata of the society and work in order to fit into it rather than moulding it for one’s own benefits. Everyone wants to try new things and make optimum use of their skills and talents. Leaders here can play a crucial role in helping the employees be their best selves without changing their entire job profile.

Employees want to have a value for their skills and are in constant need to feel their need through evaluation and other relative factors. It is ultimately the job of the leaders/managers to keep this up with the wagon of the productivity in the work culture.

  • Golden rule of Experimentation

The second way of motivating people and keeping them passionate towards what they do is by creating a special “safe zone” that allows them to mingle and socialize with other people while keeping their focus on work as well. These zones will help the employees in creating a bond with the other members of the team and will help them in controlling their anxiety and anger.

These zones created by the leaders of the team also help him in adding the creativity quotient to the entire project by increasing the flow of intrinsic motivations which uncurtains the creative aspect of the individual. This also makes the processes more fast and deterrent from obstacles and failures by providing feedbacks and responses.

  • What is the Purpose?

The purpose is the most important pillar that helps in keeping the flag up. The feeling of purpose does not come simply by putting goals on the board. It comes in existence when the employees see the impacts he created by his inputs which contributed something in the progress of the team or of the organization. This feeling of being a part of something progressive and developing helps the employee in keeping up with the developments and allows himself to create his own space and frame. Moreover, the motive of having a purpose works best when the employees get a chance to be in contact directly with the group or individuals their work is impacting on.

It is a very crucial task to keep the team members passionate about their work and keep them going on it for a longer duration of time. For leaders, the priority should be to keep the emotional performance of the team balanced and help the employees explore their hidden potential. All it takes is a full-focused effort by the leaders and managers help the people tap into the energy of theirs.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri
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