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Employee engagement is one of the most powerful things which requires a lot of efforts and not money. It is a myth that employee engagement is very costly. Employee engagement is mainly done by managers. Those managers who invest in developing strong relations between themselves and their employees, experience increased engagement and loyalty. Here we listed 4 key points to Improve Employee Engagement.

Recent research found that only 13% of the employees are engaged in their workplace. So, engaging the employees is a need of the hour. Below are the pointers that will help organizations to engage their employees:

  • Create an internal leader:

The companies should create the leaders from within the organization through proper guidance, support, making available the necessary resources, and clarity around processes and expectations. Once the employees are clear of what their goals are and how to achieve them. They will become more innovative on their path of achievement. Managers can help those employees by mentoring them and making a career path for the employee through the journey in the organization.

The career mapping exercise helps an employee in what they should do and how to reach their career goal by achieving the milestones along the way. Those employees who focus on achieving their final goals, stay engaged and strive to achieve their personal goals with their manager’s support.

Managers can help create the leaders from within by investing enough time teaching their employees about the necessary skills they would need to achieve excellence in their position. This process will not only boost the confidence of the employees but will also help them in staying completely loyal with their organization throughout their journey.

  • Implementing wellness habit:

A study shows that 80% of people consider additional benefits and office perks over the pay raise. While Google is known for all the extra facilities and perks such as a professional chef, haircuts and spa and on the campus dry cleaning, companies with smaller budgets can make smaller adjustments without making huge financial investments.

The organization can start maintaining a pantry where it can stock healthy and nutritious food for its employees keeping the employee health under consideration. Doing this will help the company maintain the health of the employee so they do not fall sick and miss a day at work.

The company can also gather the employee’s time for quick exercise and stress-relieving activities which will help them become more productive and efficient in their tasks.

  • Ask for feedback:

Asking your employees about what their views are on a specific task can make them feel how important their views are. This makes them feel that their points are being taken into consideration. There are times when you just ask the opinions of the employees and do not apply them. But if you repeat that every time then the employee will understand that you are only trying to show that you consider their point but, you don’t care about their views and opinions.

Employees believe and are likely to have faith in their management and future of the company if they are kept in the loop for what is happening in the organization. The best way to do this is by keeping the flow of communication transparent to foster their trust and build engagement between the employee and the company.

  • Celebrate the victory:

Expressing the appreciation will help the employee feel valued and make them feel their efforts are recognized by their managers. A study found that appreciating the employees on a regular basis will increase their satisfaction level, loyalty and customer satisfaction level is increased as well.

In the end, employees want to be valued for the efforts they put for the organization who in return values their health, development and role within the organization. Removing the organizational hierarchicy barriers that restricts the top from the bottom. It is not just a trend but the way the workforce is shifting to adapt to the new generation of workers. Companies can build thriving cultures without lavish budgets and luxurious employee perks. Simple efforts go a long way.

Hence, employee engagement is easier than you thought. All you need is to put in some efforts to make it work.

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Compiled by Faber Priyal & Faber Mayuri 

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