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December 8, 2021by Faber Infinite

On this #Transformation Tuesday, we are going to explore what it takes to transform oneself from ‘good to great’ entrepreneurs and successful business owners by taking references from Jim Collin’s most famous book, ‘Good to Great’. Some habits and values need to change if it doesn’t work well for you. Not every individual is expected to have similar results of their action. The magnitude and impact of every action taken, vary from person to person. Success is also the result of that actions taken by different individuals for the achievements of set goals.

‘Good To Great’ teaches us how some habits and actions can promote the rate of growth for individuals having similar goals, especially for young and aspiring CEOs of new ventures. To begin the journey,  determination to be curious enough is very necessary. ‘Become a curious learner, before teaching to lead a path of your own’ is a simple formula to confront the reality and challenges thrown towards you.

Another key point to remember is, ‘being good is not enough’. Competing with yourself every single day to raise your own standard will not only help you to become good, but it can surely transform the ‘good’ into ‘great’ someday. It is rightly said that ‘good is the enemy of great’ and those who settle for good cannot move forward but get stuck in one place only. Great is when you keep your eye open for possibilities and changes, where, transforming into extraordinary is the only challenge you want to encounter.

Being great also means being a contributor. No matter what position you are in, always support your team by involving yourself in it every possible way and making your contribution worth appreciating. A leader never rests when the battle is ‘on’. So, learning to let go of ego and self-doubt is what matters if you want to compete with the world with full confidence.

Always challenge your capabilities and push your limits every day, is another simple formula to transform your entrepreneurial efficiency for increasing your rate of success. Limiting yourself into your small mental world won’t help you to evolve both professionally and personally. 

To tap on challenges and to turn them into opportunities are the shortest route to new innovations. Thus, let’s try to keep ourselves motivated and thrive for becoming ‘great’ in whatever field we invest in. Because success is not a journey for becoming good at your passion, but to be the best among others following the same.

Written by Faber Aleena & compiled by Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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