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The secret to being the ‘Titan’

  • By faber
  • December 8, 2021

‘There are no real rules, so make rules that work for you is a famous quote by Seth Godin, an author, and entrepreneur who rightly points out to be courageous enough to make your own rules than becoming a follower. Long-term goals need a clear vision that is developed only by habits and behaviour which can align with your success journey.

This #Transformation Tuesday brings to you yet another inspiring compilation of habits and beliefs of 101 high-performing individuals from the book ‘Tools of Titan’ by Tim Ferriss. Success is a journey full of challenges. To overcome them, you have to be extraordinary. Motivation, good health, a positive mind-set, and confidence are key factors one has to have to set on their success journey. Tools of Titan is a book filled with these key factors utilized by different ‘Titans’ to become successful by inculcating the beliefs and values for transforming their lives to the dreams they saw while asleep.

According to Tim Ferries, the first life lesson is to combat peer pressure. Once that is done, you get the space to think creatively without limiting or setting up boundaries for your goals. Every chapter of ‘Tools of Titan’ is a motivation as well as a life lesson for individuals of different fields. Secret tips of experts in all fields are made into a book where investors, entrepreneurs, athletes, etc. can consume their piece of information to transform their life into a successful journey.

Top processes which can turn your visions into plans and plans into action as the Titans do!

Be the first: 

Practicing simple yet powerful habits is a very necessary step for planting a start to the initiative. Gabrielle Reece, a well-known athlete, and model discovered this habit of always going first. She’s the first person to make eye contact with a person and she is the first to smile at them first. By doing this, confidence is built to initiate conversation and connect with people. Thus, being the first means you don’t need to wait for a cue from others before you act. You put yourself out there for anything and everything with self-confidence.

Seek Opportunities:

Obstacles are the best opportunities where a person harnesses all his/her talents and skills to tackle the obstacle coming their way. Ryan Holiday, a writer and media strategist reminds the readers to seek out scary things and has challenges because growth occurs only in that space where you push your limits to the extend. Thus, achievements always have a fair share of stress and difficulties in themselves.

Consistency is the KEY:

No matter how good you plan for achieving the goals, unless you take a firm decision to stay on course towards working for it nothing can be worked out. Most people worry about performance rather than learning what it takes in working towards the goal. You are halfway towards achieving success, if you focus on developing consistency as an innate habit.

Be unique, seek the ‘hard routes’:

According to Robert Rodrigue, a writer, producer, and composer, always go against the grain. Don’t be a herd follower. Because new ideas and success are bound to be achieved only when you have what it takes to travel to a different path than the usual one. There is no challenge in the crowded channels so develop a habit when everybody goes left, train yourself to go right, even if you stumble and fall. As Alan Ashley-Pitt rightly quoted, ‘The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been before.

Thus, rethink before following the ‘herd’ and inhabit to be unique, because no matter what following your passion is always satisfactory and purposeful. Tim Ferriss therefore by compiling the interviews of Titans, helps us to throw some reality check upon our daily routine. To take control means refusing to compromise. Stop compromising and build habit that takes action and deliver desired results!

Written by Faber Aleena & compiled by Faber Mayuri