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July 30, 2018by Faber Infinite

Engineering sector has been one of the leading sectors in the 21st-century industrial world and is likely to reach US $45 billion by 2020.

Faber Infinite Consulting has been one of the active participants in crafting an extremely efficient and holistic operating environment for the engineering sector and have always delivered results promoting continual and sustainable development in the engineering sector. At Faber Infinite, we have devised various proven solutions and frameworks that have helped organizations grow and paint their charts in green. We specialize in providing consulting services for transformation journeys including Operational ExcellenceStrategic Excellence and much more.

Our experience in the engineering sector

Faber Infinite is one of the most trusted organizations for organizational transformation when it comes to the engineering sector. We have a vast experience of consulting in all kinds of industries including engineering. With spread across more than 12 regions, we have supported more than two dozen major organizations in the engineering sector. While being associated with these organizations, we have supported and successfully completed transformation journeys for organizations worth approximately INR 21,000 crores. We also have a detailed performa of training and inducting skills in the employees and have trained more than 25,000 people in the engineering sector.

Some of the typical improvement areas are listed below:
  • Improved production planning
  • Reduction in throughput time
  • Improved machine availability and performance
  • Daily work management
  • Reduced changeover times
  • Inventory management and E-Kanban
  • Quality improvement (Right first time)
Tangible results delivered at clients from the Engineering Industry
  • Machine availability in the manufacturing unit was increased by more than 20%.
  • 17% reduction in stock out incidents was observed after the involvement of Team Faber Infinite.
  • Team Faber also helped an organization in reducing almost 38% of the work content and cycle time for selected processes.
  • A whopping 40% increase in productivity was witnessed in the organization after being associated with Faber Infinite Consulting.
  • Team Faber also helped the organizations in controlling their costs by helping them reduce manpower and labor costs by almost 55%.
  • The overall manufacturing cost of the manufacturing units was also cut down by almost 33%.
  • A 46% reduction in throughout time was also noticed at client sites once Team Faber took charge.
  • Inventory was also reduced by almost 53%.
  • Manpower productivity was increased by more than 50% after the implementation of structured frameworks by Team Faber Infinite.
  • Value adding ratio of the organization was doubled with the help of Team Faber and its solutions.
  • A 77% improvement was observed in the Transportation Index.
  • Customers were also satisfied with the manufacturing unit’s products since we also helped the organizations improve the quality by more than 71%.
  • A 10% in rejection of the orders was also achieved.
  • Employee skill index was improved by almost 45% with the training provided by Faber Infinite.

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Faber Infinite Consulting has been an avid supporter of the engineering sector and has always believed in creating a more optimized world with the help of engineering. We believe in innovation and would always like to believe in the same and support engineering sector to achieve our ultimate goal – continual and sustainable development.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

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