4 Key points to change management for Employee Engagement

October 30, 2018by Faber Infinite0

In the present times when every other organization is trying to get ahead of their competition by ingraining organizational change and change management processes in their facilities and work culture, there are many reports that suggest that these change processes are actually affecting the jobs of many people associated with the organizations. This can create a very downsizing effect on the transformation journey of any organization.

In most of the cases, it is usually seen that this unwanted effects which are usually faced by the employees are because that they are not made fully aware about the organizational change and why it is being introduced in the working processes. Hence, it becomes of quintessential importance for the leadership. The decision makers to make sure that employees involved know about it and must be given an explanation about why implementing a change management process can help them all in becoming and achieving better. Below are the four key aspects that can help the top level management in making the employees understand and drive change to the ultimate success.

  1. Inspire them by talking about the better future

During the change, many people might feel uncertain about the future and that will surely unsettle them. However, it is the leadership’s responsibility to take the stage and explain the benefits of the change management initiative that will ultimately create a better, productive and profitable work environment for the employees.

Also, it is important to clear the doubts or problems people might have with the change process. Aligning the company’s core values and principles along with the change management objectives can prove to be of real help to the leadership in making the employees comfortable in bringing them to their side.

  1. Regular communication with the employees

Communication during any change event needs to be two way and every employee should be communicated about the change process and steps efficiently and clearly. Any gap in communication is likely to create confusion and ultimately chaos on the floor.

Moreover, the benefits for the employees that will be in change initiative should also be efficiently communicated to them. This will ultimately help the leadership in keeping the people encouraged, engaged and motivated through the change process.

  1. Don’t be the sole player. Include manager and executives and encourage them to lead

The top management should not take everything in their hands and must involve managers and executives in the process since they are closer to the employees involved. Moreover equipping them with the resources and information will only add up to the support and will enhance the controls and systems present on the floor assisting in the change management initiative.

The top management can obviously choose a number of training programs in order to train the managers and executives before they actually jump into the projects as the leaders.

  1. Find ways to increase employees involvement in the change management processes

Increasing the involvement of the employees in the change management initiative will help the leadership in imbibing a sense of involvement and belonging in the employees which will be ultimately very beneficial for the organization. Involving the employees in the change management initiatives will also help the leadership in improving the feedback mechanism of the organization which will ultimately boost the efficiency of the process.

Effectively and efficiently ingraining change management programs is a difficult task and can only be achieved with the overall involvement of the employees and people coming under the umbrella of change. Explaining the change processes and why it is needed to the team members can enhance the quality as well as the work environment for the employees and the top management. It will also make it easy for the people on the shop floor to embrace and adapt to the change process and yield better productivity and results.

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Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.

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